Diversey Green Products

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Diversey is a manufacturer of institutional cleaning and sanitization products and systems. As part of the SC Johnson family of companies, they are the industry leader in the sales of cleaning products to health care, educational, retail and commercial markets. There are significant benefits available to AZA members that elect to take advantage of this new affinity program relationship.

The Diversey program offers an opportunity to reduce costs associated with cleaning and sanitization and can facilitate a truly sustainable or green cleaning program for AZA member facilities that can be blended into conservation and educational messages. Key incentives for AZA member participation are:

  • Deeply discounted product pricing by Diversey leverages AZA total member purchasing power.
  • Elimination of inconsistent excessive local distribution mark ups.
  • Diversey commitment to establish consistent, delivered prices on a national basis.
  • A complete menu of green products to address AZA member facility unique cleaning and sanitization needs.
  • Direct Diversey service and sales support for AZA members.
  • Diversey provision of subsidies for cleaning product dispensing systems.

Diversey’s own Corporate Sustainability Commitment includes:

  • Complete offering of sustainable or green cleaning products.
  • One of 21 member companies in the Climate Savers premier program.
  • SC Johnson corporate commitment to 25% reduction in greenhouse gases.
  • LEED – certified corporate facilities.
  • Healthy High Performance Cleaning program for AZA members.
  • U.S. Safer Detergents Initiative.

Diversey Continues to Support AZA and its Members

  • Diversey, itself, is now a commercial member of AZA.
  • Diversey’s representative will work with each AZA member director (or other appropriate contact) to establish an opportunity to introduce and educate the facility decision makers about Diversey’s green products.
  • Diversey will provide AZA members with descriptions of its green products and associated price lists.
  • Diversey’s incentives will be based on aggregate purchases by AZA members nationwide. Thus, as purchases by participating AZA members reach certain aggregate levels, additional Diversey discounts will automatically be made available to all.

For more information about the opportunities being offered by Diversey, or to schedule a visit with one of its representatives, please contact Tom Beinkemper at Diversey. Telephone 800-535-1765 ext. 9568 or e-mail thomas.beinkemper@diversey.com.