Assessments of first feeding protocols on the larviculture of California grunion Leuresthes tenuis

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (CMA) has been raising local southern CA fish and invertebrates for almost 30 years. Students in elementary grades through college graduates have been involved in this program and use their experience to apply the scientific process.  Most of this is done in the CMA award winning Aquatic Nursery exhibit gallery.

Grunion were one of the first local marine animals to be raised at CMA. After a presentation made by Mike Schaadt at the International Aquarium Congress in Monaco in 2000, CMA was approached by Stephane Henard from Nausicaa Aquarium in Boulogne, France to collaborate on projects. In the early 2000’s CMA sent fertilized grunion eggs to Nausicaa as a public demonstration of reproduction of ocean fish. Once Nausicaa hatched the grunion, they agreed to attempt to raise them to maturity. Researchers at Nausicaa and CMA were joined by colleagues from the University of Lille in France and National Taiwan Ocean University in Taiwan in investigating the best food items to raise grunion. CMA provided fertilized grunion eggs (collected by Program staff led by Programs Director Larry Fukuhara, packaged for shipment by Exhibits Director Ed Mastro) and early research results on raising newly hatched grunion (CMA aquarists led by Chief Aquarist Jeff Landesman, Aquatic Nursery staff and Young Scientists led by Curator of Research in the Aquatic Nursery Dr. Kiersten Darrow).

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