Canada Lynx On Exhibit at NEW Zoo

The three Canada lynx kittens born at the NEW Zoo in May are making their public debut! The kittens are finally old enough to follow their mother out of the den to explore the outside world. Lucy has begun coaxing her youngsters out into the large exhibit and is encouraging them to climb trees, stalk through the vegetation and practice their sneak attack skills. Even adult lynx have feet that seem proportionally large – a great adaptation for walking on top of snowdrifts. Baby lynx who have not yet “grown into” their feet look particularly silly! Guests can expect to see the rambunctious little cats from 11am through the early evening hours daily.
Speaking of playful babies: The four river otter pups continue to grow and are more active and playful than ever. They have been joining their father to show off during the river otter chat presented at noon daily. You can even purchase tickets to feed fishsicles to the otters! A limited number of VIP Otter Feeding Experience tickets (and tickets for other daily Summer VIP Experiences) are available for purchase on line or on site at the Visitor Center.

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is one of only eight AZA accredited zoos in the country that does not
receive local or regional public tax support for annual operations.

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