Baby Boom at Zoo Miami

There were different kinds of fireworks at Zoo Miami this past week!  Not only were we celebrating the birthdate of our country, we are also celebrating the birth of not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but 6 new babies to 6 different moms, that have all arrived in the last 7 days!!  And, as an homage to the ladies World Cup soccer champions who will be honored in a parade today, all of the newborns are females!!!


It began on Tuesday, July 2nd with the birth of a female Addax.  This is the 67th Addax born at Zoo Miami!  With less than 100 of these African desert antelopes left in the wilds of the Sahara, they are considered one of the world’s most critically endangered animals and breeding programs such as the one at Zoo Miami may be their last hope.


Next to be born was a female Grevy’s zebra on Friday, July 5th.  Grevy’s zebras are the largest species of zebras and are distinguished by their thin stripes, white bellies, and large ears.  They are found in the arid regions of northeastern Africa and are classified as endangered.


Then, on Sunday, July 7th, a female Arabian Oryx was born.  These desert dwelling antelopes became extinct in the wild following the Arabian War and it is thanks to breeding programs like the one at Zoo Miami that this beautiful antelope has been successfully reintroduced to the wild.


This incredible week culminated with a grand finale on Monday, July 8th, when another female Grevy’s zebra was born as well as two female Giant Elands to two separate females!  Giant Elands are the world’s largest antelopes with males sometimes exceeding 2,000 pounds.  They are found in small areas of savannas and woodlands in Central Africa and are classified as vulnerable.


This birthing bonanza is not over yet as there is another Giant Eland as well as a giraffe that are expecting any day!    


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