Welcome to the New African Lions Habitat at the Zoo de Granby!

This summer, everyone will be able to discover the smartly designed and carefully planned space for our African lions. 

The more than 11,000 ft2 exterior park has been completely reconfigured to conform with the strictest animal wellbeing norms while offering visitors a unique perspective for admiring the king of animals! However, the most interesting aspect of the concept is the new interior park, visible to the public in summer … but especially in winter! Designed by combining natural elements (sand, wood) and artificial items, the space promotes stimulating natural behaviours with the species.

Careful attention was paid to the theme of this new habitat, to harmonize this construction with the African Trails concept, while still giving this major interest point of the circuit its own special character. The decor was mostly inspired by the villages of the Maasai people, an important Kenyan tribe, whose traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle characterizes their daily activities. At the heart of the village, a majestic baobab tree proudly stands guard, protecting our knowledge of African lions, and which can be consulted via two tactile screens for the curious! Through this game, visitors will learn more about the lion’s biology and the species’ most spectacular features.

The organization Lion Guardians’ work aims at conserving this emblematic species in Africa, but also, they are deeply involved with the local communities as they search for viable solutions geared at establishing a harmonious coexistence of humans and animals. In 2019, the Zoo de Granby was proud to support the work of the Lion Guardians with a donation of $5,000.

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