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Reid Park Zoo Welcomes a Female African Elephant Calf!

Reid Park Zoo is thrilled to announce that Semba, a 24-year old African Elephant, successfully delivered a female calf on August 20th, 2014. The calf hit the ground at exactly 10:55pm, took a first breath immediately, stood up within minutes, and began to nurse within the hour. The calf weighed 245lbs at birth and is gaining weight steadily.

This is Semba’s third calf, but the first elephant ever born at Reid Park Zoo. The calf was born on Tucson’s 239th birthday -- a fitting gift to the Tucson community. The City of Tucson is committed to the future of African elephants, and Reid Park Zoo is proud to be leading the field of elephant care with its AZA colleagues.

Five elephants were transferred as an established breeding herd from San Diego Zoo Safari Park to Reid Park Zoo’s new Expedition Tanzania, a 7-acre elephant habitat, in 2012. Reid Park Zoo continues to work closely with San Diego Zoo Global as well as other members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ African Elephant Species Survival Plan® to advance elephant care and welfare.

The yet unnamed calf has met all five of her fellow herd members, and is exploring areas of her habitat. She is expected to make her public debut into the main exhibit by the end of September.

For regular updates and current photos, the public can visit the Zoo’s website at: http://reidparkzoo.org/baby-elephant-info/. 


•Zoo staff members are available for comment by calling (520) 837-8188

•Photos from immediately after the birth, exploring the exhibit, and meeting other herd members are available and can be downloaded at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/reidparkzoo/sets/72157646690410302/

Reid Park Zoo is a 24-acre accredited zoo, owned and operated by the City of Tucson. Reid Park Zoo is located in central Tucson, with over 550,000 visitors each year. For information, call (520) 791-4022 or visit the Reid Park Zoo website at www.reidparkzoo.org. 


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