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Baby Orangutan is Born at the Jackson Zoo

JACKSON, Miss. – The Jackson Zoo is excited to announce it welcomed a newborn Bornean orangutan on Nov. 22.

Jackson Zoo residents Sabah and Pumpkin gave birth to a healthy newborn on Sunday, Nov. 22 in the early morning hours. Animal care staff found the baby when they checked on the pair during their morning routine.

According to Zoo Veterinarian, Dr. Michael Holifield, the newborn appears to be healthy and doing well. The newborn is confirmed to be a male and a name for him will be chosen during a naming contest. Jackson Zoo staff is excited to welcome a new addition to the animal collection and contribute to the Species Survival Plan of this endangered species.

“We are very excited for this birth, as the Bornean orangutan population is dwindling in the wild, we are contributing to the conservation of this incredible species,” Zoo Director Beth Poff said. 

Sabah came to the Jackson Zoo in April 2013 from the Pittsburgh Zoo. She formed a close relationship with our male orangutan, Pumpkin, during their first face-to-face meeting. Sabah, also nicknamed Kimmie, has shown to be an exceptional mother to the newborn and is very tentative to his needs.

Sabah has only made one brief appearance outside since giving birth last week. When you visit the zoo be on the lookout for mom and baby, you may catch her sneaking outside to show a peak of her newborn son.

Bornean Orangutans are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, with less than 55,000 in the wild. Palm oil farming is the biggest threat to this species, where forests are burned down and orangutan lives are sacrificed. The Jackson Zoo supports conservation efforts through multiple avenues in hopes of sustaining the orangutan population.

Today the Jackson Zoo is participating in Giving Zoo Day in partnership with Giving Tuesday, which is a nationwide campaign to bring awareness to Zoos’ needs. Bornean orangutans are one of 15 endangered species at the Jackson Zoo that you can support when you donate to the zoo. The Jackson Zoo’s Giving Zoo Day goal is to reach its online giving goal of $5,000 for 2015 and to bring awareness to long-term growth and stability through endowment funds setup with the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson. For more information visit: www.jacksonzoo.org/support/donate


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