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Leading loyalty marketing and membership companies announce partnership to offer new loyalty rewards

SAINT LOUIS, MO—Inspired by recent trends in gamification and social media, loyalty programs are on the rise in nonprofit organizations seeking to build long-term relationships with visitors, donors, and members. Nonprofit organizations such as museums, zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations have struggled with capturing the visitor and user data necessary for marketing membership and cultivating donors. Programs that reward patrons for loyalty are quickly becoming a critical differentiator and facilitator in accomplishing these goals.

Nonprofits have previously lacked the resources and capabilities to implement cohesive rewards programs. To address this need, Membership Consultants, Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with SKIDATA AG, a global leader in loyalty marketing, to introduce a new loyalty rewards platform designed to support multiple revenue streams, including membership, attendance, programming, gift shop purchases, and food and beverage sales. 

“Both visitation-based and non-visitation based organizations will be able to use Loyalty.Logic to incentivize patrons to participate in various revenue and engagement activities,” said Dana Hines, President and CEO of Membership Consultants, Inc. “Loyalty.Logic can boost all areas of an institution, including membership, per cap spend, visitation, and more. We believe that a loyalty program should keep the organization top of mind and serve as a funnel for membership.” 

 A fully customizable solution, Loyalty.Logic allows organizations to develop mission-aligned goals that can be supported by the rewards program such as increasing repeat visitation, conservation messaging, social media participation, membership, and food and beverage sales.

“SKIDATA has been a leader in loyalty marketing globally for professional sports teams, ski resorts, and attractions for many years, now, with our alliance with Membership Consultants, we are excited to bring the concept of loyalty to the nonprofit sector,” said Renier Steyn, Vice President of SKIDATA Inc.

Loyalty.Logic is a flexible software solution that integrates with existing point-of-sale, database, ticketing, e-commerce, data warehouse, and mobile app systems to deliver robust business intelligence. Through a customizable data exchange and technologies such as Near Field Communication and BLE Beacons, Loyalty.Logic allows organizations to track visitor and user engagement across channels, including interaction with exhibits, mobile apps, website content, social media, email, and video.  

 About Membership Consultants

Membership Consultants is a full-service membership marketing resource for zoos, aquariums, museums, botanical gardens, arboretums, associations, performing arts organizations, and other nonprofit organizations. Since 1987, Membership Consultants has worked with hundreds of organizations to grow robust membership programs and increase revenues. For more information, visit: www.membership-consultants.com


SKIDATA has been a leader in loyalty marketing and people access worldwide. SKIDATA AG is an Austrian company and is ranked among the worldwide leading providers of access solutions and visitor management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA systems guarantee quick and secure access for people and vehicles in: ski regions, shopping centers, major airports, cities, sport stadiums, fair and amusement parks. SKIDATA and its 23 subsidiaries and countless partners are present in 100 countries. For more information, visit: www.skidata.com


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