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More Options for Data Sharing

AZA Commercial Member Zier Niemann Consulting is delighted to announce a platform for the zoos and aquariums using Tracks Software to be able to share animal holdings with the AZA-accredited community. A new web site - Animal Data Sharing - was developed by Zier Niemann Consulting to facilitate shared animal data in the zoo and aquarium community.

The new web site is at animaldatasharing.org. Visitors to the site must create an account before they have access to shared information.

The Animal Data Sharing web site first launched with shared enrichment ideas. The response from the zoo and aquarium community has been very encouraging. So far, staff at zoos and aquariums around the world have created nearly 400 user accounts, and have shared more than 3,000 ideas for animal enrichment.

The inventory sharing features have just been rolled out as an option available to all zoos and aquariums that are using Tracks Software to manage their animal collections.

Shared animal inventories will provide SSP program managers, studbook keepers, and other professionals with the information they need to make choices that help protect and promote animals in zoos and aquariums and conservation efforts around the world.

Professionals at AZA-accredited facilities are invited to visit animaldatasharing.organd set up an account to view holdings. Account approval is immediate for email domains recognized as coming from AZA institutions.


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