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Ape Cardiac Health Workshop - Option #1


Cameron Park Zoo, Waco, TX map


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About: Cameron Park Zoo will be hosting two one-day Ape Cardio Health Workshops this spring. We hope you can join us on April 10th or April 11th for an informative day of discussions and demonstrations geared towards improving cardiac health in great apes. Our goal is to discuss productive training methods, standardize record keeping, and offer trainers an opportunity to learn various aspects of cardio health.  We will focus on voluntary awake blood draws, arm and finger blood pressure methods and details of echocardiograms. We will limit the number of participants each day to 20 people, allowing for adequate hands-on training.

Cost:  FREE!

Please indicate your preferred day to attend, institutional affiliation, and let us know if you have diet restrictions:  Vegetarian, Vegan, Other

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