Current FrogWatch USA Chapter Coordinators

As a FrogWatch USA Chapter Coordinator, you are part of a network of over 350 herpetologists, educators, and other experts representing FrogWatch USA in their respective communities. There are numerous resources available online to support your efforts and elucidate your roles and responsibilities as a volunteer trainer and mentor.

FrogWatch USA on the AZA Network

The AZA Network is the AZA's online private professional networking platform. Most chapter coordinators will have access to the "FrogWatch USA - Chapter Coordinators" group on the Network - this collaborative workspace is the best place to go to connect with other chapter coordinators, discover resources and tools, and share ideas and lessons learned. AZA staff regularly post program updates and announcements and upload new resources, which are accompanied by automated email updates. 

To access the AZA Network, click the link above and log in, or log in at the top of any page on the website, then navigate to "My AZA Network" on the left.

Regional Coordinators

This subset of FrogWatch USA chapter coordinators have assumed leadership roles within the chapter coordinator network, and work to recruit, train, and support additional chapter hosts and coordinators while also mentoring existing coordinators in their vicinity on top of their typical chapter coordinator duties. Currently, there are regional coordinators stationed in Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, DC. You can reach out to them via the AZA Network group.


AZA staff hold webinars for chapter coordinators at the beginning and end of each FrogWatch USA monitoring season. These webinars cover program updates and announcements, overviews of the concluding or upcoming season, and reviews of coordinator roles and responsibilities. The webinars have been recorded and uploaded online, and links to these previous webinars can be found on the AZA Network.

Chapter Coordinator Resources Manual

This Chapter Coordinator Resource Manual provides guidance as you plan, implement, manage, and maintain a FrogWatch USA chapter. Materials outline responsibilities and include tips and suggestions, required documents, adaptable templates, and references for expanding your knowledge base. 

This resource is available on the AZA Network, and is also made available to all coordinators who had completed the online Chapter Coordinator Training course.

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