Conservation Funding

AZA and its accredited zoos and aquariums are dedicated to the research and conservation of, and education about, both in situ and ex situ populations of animal species. With more than 230 accredited members, AZA continues to build North America's largest wildlife conservation movement. AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums fund over 2500 conservation projects in more than 100 countries and spend on average $160 million on conservation initiatives annually. To assist our accredited institutions in their conservation efforts, information about AZA's Conservation Grants Fund and other funding sources are provided.

AZA Conservation Grants Fund

The AZA Conservation Grants Fund (CGF) provides critical financial support to conservation, research, and education priorities that are viewed as high-quality and priority projects by peers in amphibian conservation, animal health, animal welfare, conservation education, field conservation and/or reintroduction, management and/or breeding, and research. Read more about AZA's Conservation Grants Fund.

AZA SAFE Granting Program

AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction is positioned for continued growth. The SAFE granting program, with initial funding support from the Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation, brings new funds to members for implementing SAFE program plans. Only one application per SAFE species will be considered, so program partners are expected to collaborate on the submission. Only applications on behalf of approved SAFE species programs will be reviewed. Read more about AZA's SAFE granting program.

Explore the Propose a SAFE Species resources for information about eligibility and how to propose a new species program.

Other Conservation Funding Sources

Information about governmental agencies, foundations, and corporate philanthropies which provide grant, endowment, or sponsorship funding opportunities for AZA animal conservation, science, and education initiatives are provided. Read more about other conservation funding sources.

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