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South Korea's 1st Giant Panda Cub Born at Everland Zoo

By Everland Zoo
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Aibao, a seven-year-old female, and Lebao, an eight-year-old male, arrived at the Everland Zoo in Yongin, South Korea, in March 2016. The baby giant panda was born 1,601 days after the pair arrived in Korea—it is the first giant panda cub to be born in Korea. The baby is a female and measured about 16.5 centimeters and weighed approximately 197 grams. Both mother and baby are both doing well.

Everland Zoo made special efforts to achieve the pregnancy and birth. To choose the best date of mating, veterinarians analyzed the hormonal changes through blood and urine test. Zookeepers also created a private delivery room for mother and the Everland staff were on site 24 hours a day to monitor Aibao's behavioral changes.

When Aibao and Lebao arrived in Korea, they were still young at the age of three and four, respectively. Giant pandas usually mate in March and give birth in July after gestation period of four months. When a female goes into estrus, which lasts for three days only and occurs once a year.  Giant pandas have difficulty breeding in managed care and their pregnancies are notoriously difficult.

Mother panda holding newborn panda in her mouthThe baby giant panda is born very small (about 197 grams) compared to the weight of a mother giant panda (122 kilograms).

A private area inside the 'Panda World' has been arranged for mother and baby giant panda to stay healthy.  As a giant panda cub is very sensitive to the external environment, they will stay here for a couple months.

Photo Credit: © Everland Zoo

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