Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Mo., recently welcomed an orphaned female cougar cub who was found in the state of Washington. She was discovered by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and is approximately four-months old.

The cub, named Drax by zoo staff, is being cared for by the Zoo’s veterinary team and zookeepers.

“Drax has cleared quarantine and is doing well,” said Zoo Spokeswoman, Joey Powell. “She has won over her keepers, and they are working to gain her trust. As she builds her strength, she will slowly be introduced to the adult female cougar, Cali.”

Drax the cougar cub laying down

Drax is not currently on exhibit, but updates will be shared for guests on Dickerson Park Zoo’s social media pages.

Photo Credit: © Dickerson Park Zoo

Edited by Sarah Gilsoul, a writer and communications program assistant at AZA.

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