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2019 AZA Photo Contest Winner: Bertrand Duhamel

By Zoo de Granby Staff
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Bertrand Duhamel of Zoo de Granby is the 2019 AZA Photo Contest Winner

Retired since 2014, after 36 years in the IT industry, Bertrand Duhamel is a self-taught photographer who has been passionate about this hobby since his teenage years. 

In the last decade, this passion allowed him to showcase his talent in many areas. Known for his work in the performing arts, his photographs have been published in a multitude of media in the province of Quebec and in the rest of Canada.

However, nature, wildlife, and more specifically bird photography, with more than 200 species photographed locally, are among his favorite subjects. 

Western Lowland Gorilla © Bertrand Duhamel, Zoo de Granby

“No matter what I photograph, I try to convey emotion through my photos. I like to show the beauty that surrounds us. A lot of things are happening before our eyes, but we do not take the time to observe, yet everything is there,” said Duhamel.  “I am always ready to get involved with organizations that care about the protection of nature and the environment.”  

As for his relationship with the Zoo de Granby, let's say it's a love story that goes back to his childhood. He remembers that, when he was attending an elementary school located near the Zoo, they had the right during the last days of the school in June to go there to eat lunch. 

Today, he is very happy to be able to collaborate with the Zoo by highlighting with his photography one of the most beautiful animal parks in Canada. Year after year, the Zoo de Granby is changing for the best.

Now, as a retiree and (and a very patient photographer), Duhamel enjoys spending more time at the Zoo to capture beautiful moments. His experience in birding and low light concert photography helps while shooting some species under more difficult conditions.

Last year, he was honored that the Association of Zoos and Aquariums chose his photo of the guereza colobus holding her baby, among one of the Highlights of this contest. This year, he submitted the portrait of Zwalani, one of the Zoo’s lowland gorillas. The photo was taken using a Canon 5D IV and a 100-400L IS II lens.

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