2021 Connect Photo Contest

Red wolves


Mountain Goat in the snow
Mountain Goat © Scottie Potter, Calgary Zoo
Scottie Potter
2021 Photo Contest Winner

Scottie Potter

Scottie Potter has been a team member at the Calgary Zoo in Calgary, Alberta, for the past three years. Starting out in 2018 as a visitor engagement interpreter, Scottie later became the Zoo’s communications coordinator, telling the Zoo’s story on social media and other digital mediums. Much of her time consists of gathering photos and video from across the Zoo to be used not just for social media, but in marketing, internal messaging, and on-park signage.

During the Zoo’s closure from March 2020 to May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scottie edited the 131 videos that made-up the Zoo’s “Daily Dose” video series. These videos were key to engaging an audience in the Zoo’s conservation message during this unprecedented time.

Animals have been Scottie’s greatest passion for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Calgary, she frequently visited the Zoo on family outings. These adventures filled Scottie with a sense of wonder for wildlife and a reverence for humanity’s place in the natural world. A drive to share her expanding knowledge of nature through the arts brought her to Red Deer, Alberta, and Red Deer College. Here she honed her storytelling and filmmaking skills as a graduate of the motion picture arts program.

To capture magical moments with cold-adapted animals amid falling snow means Scottie spends many snowstorms trudging across the Canadian Wilds section of the Zoo. Autumn snow is particularly special, as animals really come alive with the first touch of the deep freeze to come. This includes the Calgary Zoo’s resident mature male Rocky Mountain goat, Yukon, who’s imposing presence is made even more majestic by thick falling flakes. A step forward through the snow drifts brought his head down low, revealing an intimidating view of his horns for Scottie to capture on that exciting November day.

Honorable Mentions


Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale © Addison Hill, Georgia Aquarium
Eastern Black Rhinoceros
Eastern Black Rhinoceros © Emily Sexson, Lee Richardson Zoo
Bobcats © Kim Simpkins, Cape May County Park Zoo
Red Wolf
Red Wolf © Brooke Sides, North Carolina Zoo
White-cheeked Gibbon
White-cheeked Gibbon © Ron Magill, Zoo Miami
Meller's Chameleon
Meller's Chameleon © Emily Fyfe, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Lion © Wayne Smith, Seneca Park Zoo
Pacific Harbor Seal
Pacific Harbor Seal © Savannah Costner, Alaska SeaLife Center
Lion-tailed Macaque
Lion-tailed Macaque © Brittany Burrows, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf © Jennifer Harte, Detroit Zoo
Chimpanzee © Hannah Tulloch, North Carolina Zoo
California Sea Lion
California Sea Lion © Brynn McDonnell, Smithsonian's National Zoo
Mandrill © Kiara Molesky, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Blue Crowned Pigeon
Blue Crowned Pigeon © Dorian Edwards, Santa Barbara Zoo
Whooping Crane
Whooping Crane © James R. Winecki, Houston Zoo, Inc.
Gibbon © Matt Stamey, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo
Greater Kudu
Greater Kudu © Ashleigh Kandrac, Lion Country Safari
Emperor Anglefish
Emperor Angelfish © Todd Stailey, Tennessee Aquarium
Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican © Meghan Adams, National Aviary
Green Anemone
Green Anemone © Cheryl Miller, Mystic Aquarium
Gorilla © Moriah Angott, North Carolina Zoo
Roseate Spoonbill
Roseate Spoonbill © Alexis Ruiz, Bergen County Zoo
Addax © Shandy Mikkelsen, Blank Park Zoo
Drill © Stephanie Earhart, Zoo Atlanta

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