AZA Committees

The commitment of the time and talent of AZA members to the vital work of the Association is crucial to the success of AZA. You can learn about each committee using the links on the right side of this page.

Serving on AZA Committees

To be eligible for a committee chair or vice chair position, candidates must be professional fellows in good standing. Committee member individual qualifications include:

  • Proven performance in their field
  • Commitment and time to serve
  • Permission of home institution

All committees and task forces work under the guidance of the Board of Directors. The Chair-elect of the Board, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board and the AZA President / CEO, appoints all committee and task force chairs, except the Ethics Board which is elected.

How to Get Involved

AZA members should express interest to committee chairs, attend open meeting portions of committee meetings held at mid-year and at the annual conference, volunteer to work on task forces, and then watch for the Call to Service from the Chair-elect of the AZA Board of Directors in March, 2018. Be sure to secure the support of your institution for committee participation.

Committee application form: due May 1.

For more information, please contact Barbara Pueschel, Board and Committees Liaison, 301-244-3326.

Another opportunity for involvement with AZA is as a Course Instructor. Applications for service as an instructor are considered on a rolling basis.

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