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The AZA Conservation Grants Fund (CGF) supports the cooperative conservation and education initiatives of AZA and its members and partners. Since 1991, the CGF has provided more than $8 million to over 400 projects worldwide. We thank all donors, and particularly the Disney Conservation Fund, for their generous support of the CGF. View the full list of contributors in 2017 here.

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2010 Awards

Below is a list of projects which received support from the Conservation Endowment Fund (CEF) in 2010. Each project lists the project title, principal investigators, their institutions, amount awarded, and source of the funding maintained within the AZA CEF. Sources included in the AZA CEF include the AZA Amphibian Fund (AF), and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF).

Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme: Re-introduction of Siamese Crocodiles to the Wild
Adam Starr, Fauna & Flora International; Lonnie McCaskill, Disney's Animal Kingdom
$16,995 CEF
Read more about this project in Connect.

Community Engagement and Capacity Building: The Northern Cheyenne Reservation and Black-footed Ferret Recovery
Rachel Santymire, PhD, Lincoln Park Zoo; Rachel Bergren, Lincoln Park Zoo
$22,130 DWCF
Read more about this project in Connect

Developing Adaptive Management for Human-Elephant Conflict Across Asia
Peter Leimgruber, PhD, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park
$25,600 CEF/DWCF

Developing Invasive Weed Control Methods In a Malagasy Rainforest Reserve
Karen Freeman, PhD, Madagascar Fauna Group; Ingrid Porton, Saint Louis Zoo
$12,960 DWCF
Read more about this project in Connect

Ecological Interactions Between Wild and Domestic Ungulates in Arid Ecosystems: A Case Study of the Endangered Hirola Antelope (Beatragus hunteri) in Eastern Kenya
Ali Hussein, Institute of Primate Research, National Museums of Kenya
$19,600 CEF

Implementing a Conservation Strategy for the Black Warrior Waterdog (Necturus alabamensis)
Monica Stoops, PhD, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden; Eric Keyster, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden; Christopher DeChant, Innovative Zoological Solutions
$22,143 DWCF

This grant has contributed towards the following research publication:
Stoops, MA, Campbell, MK, and CJ Dechant. 2014. Successful Captive Breeding of Necturus beyeri through Manipulation of Environmental Cues and Exogenous Hormone Administration: a Model for Endangered Necturus. Herpetological Review. 45(2):251-256.

Marine Fish Egg Collection and Larval Rearing - Technique Development for Sustainability
Judy St. Leger, PhD, SeaWorld San Diego; Allan Marshall, The Florida Aquarium; Gary Violetta, SeaWorld Orlando
$22,524 DWCF

Rocket Stoves and Reforestation: Ensuring the Long-term Survival of Two Critically Endangered Lemur Species in Madagascar
Edward Louis, Jr., DVM, PhD, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
$16,445 DWCF
Read about the outcomes of this project in Connect.

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