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The AZA Conservation Grants Fund (CGF) supports the cooperative conservation and education initiatives of AZA and its members and partners. Since 1991, the CGF has provided more than $8 million to over 400 projects worldwide. We thank all donors, and particularly the Disney Conservation Fund, for their generous support of the CGF. View the full list of contributors in 2017 here.

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1995 Awards

Below is a list of projects that received support from the Conservation Endowment Fund (CEF) in 1995. Each project lists the project title, principal investigators, their institutions, amount awarded, and source of the funding maintained within the AZA CEF. Sources included in the AZA CEF include the AZA Amphibian Fund (AF), Ralston Purina (RP), and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF). 

Continuing Safety Assessments of Contraceptives in Zoo Felids
Linda Munson, D.V.M., Ph.D., University of California College of Veterinary Medicine
$56,327 RP

Expansion of the Cheetah Conservation Fund Educational Program
Laurie Marker-Kraus, Cheetah Conservation Fund
$16,865 RP

Impact of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus on Immunological Parameters of Nondomestic Felids
Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, D.V.M., Ph.D., North Carolina State University Pylon Research Laboratories
$17,808 RP

Bat Teaching Kits
Terry O'Connor, Woodland Park Zoo
$5,000 DWCF

Satellite Tracking of Released Red-Crowned and White Naped Cranes at the Khinganski Nature Reserve
Christine Sheppard, Bronx Zoo
$5,000 DWCF

Survey of Lanier Swamp, Isla de Lea Juventud, Cuba
William McMahan, Louisville Zoological Garden
$5,000 DWCF

Proposal to Support the Ilha Comprida Nature Center
John Wortman, Denver Zoological Gardens; Natasha Schischakin, Houston Zoological Garden
$10,000 DWCF

Implementation of Conservation Plan for a Critically Endangered Malagasy Freshwater Fish
Paul Loiselle, Ph.D., The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation; Rick Haeffner, Denver Zoological Gardens
$5,000 DWCF

Black-Footed Ferret Species Survival PlanĀ® (SSP) Education Program
Lynne Baptista, American Zoo and Aquarium Association
$5,000 DWCF

A Cooperative Student Internship Program Between AZA and the University of Maryland Graduate Program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology
Michael Hutchins, Ph.D., American Zoo and Aquarium Association
$10,080 DWCF

Tree Kangaroo SSP Avian TB Research Project
Judy Steenberg, Woodland Park Zoo, Valerie Thompson, San Diego Zoo
$10,000 DWCF

Reintroduction Initiatives for the Mona/Virgin Islands Boa on the Puerto Rico Bank
Peter Tolson, Ph.D., Toledo Zoological Society
$5,000 DWCF

Proposal to Support the Rio de Janeiro Primate Center
Andrew Baker, Ph.D., Philadelphia Zoological Gardens
$10,000 DWCF

Proyecto Titi: The Development of Artificial "Vindes" to Reduce Firewood Consumption in Coloso, Colombia
Anne Savage, Ph.D., Roger Williams Park Zoo
$5,000 DWCF

Jamaican Iguana Field Conservation Project
Richard Hudson, Fort Worth Zoological Park
$5,000 DWCF

The Wetlands-Wood Stork Project
Elizabeth Stevens, Ph.D., Zoo Atlanta
$5,000 DWCF

Determination of the Incidence of Avian Tuberculosis in Guam Avifauna
Randy Junge, D.V.M., Saint Louis Zoo
$5,000 DWCF

Maned Wolf Field Study of Parental Care and Infant Development
Melissa Rodden, Conservation and Research Center
$4,000 DWCF 

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