Edward H. Bean Award

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About the Edward H. Bean Award

The Edward H. Bean Award recognizes a truly significant captive propagation effort that clearly enhances the conservation of the species.  One-time first breedings that produce viable offspring can still qualify for an award but it must demonstrate an exceptional institutional commitment and not just happenstance. However, priority will be given to long-term propagation or management programs that produce multiple successful births that have a quantifiable impact on the sustainability of the species or subspecies.    

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • How significant is the breeding program for the conservation of the species?
  • The long-term commitment of the institution(s) to the breeding program.
  • Were the husbandry and research made accessible to other institutions?
  • Disposition of offspring to enhance the conservation of the species.
  • Programs should comply with AZA Tag and SSP recommendations.

If there is any question as to what constitutes an eligible project, please email Barbara Pueschel or call 301-244-3326.

Look at a sample application and read about the application process

Bean Award application  (in DOC)

Read the Guidelines for Submission  (in PDF)

Remember to submit a Media Release Form  (in DOC) with your application.

All Honors and Awards applications must be submitted in electronic format ONLY and must be compiled into one PDF file. Please make sure the file name reflects both the award name and the institution. 

AZA has contracted with WEBCARGO to provide a quick and easy way for you to submit your application. Click here to send your application via WEBCARGO .

Past winners

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Minnesota Zoo - Tiger

 2015 Significant Achievement

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - Giant Jumping Stick
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore - Panamanian Golden Frog

 2015 Innovation

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre - Oregon Spotted Frog


Disney's Animal Kingdom - Taveta Golden Weaver
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and San Diego Zoo Global - African Bush Elephant

Knoxville Zoological Gardens - Madagascar Spider Tortoise

2013 Significant Achievement 
Red River Zoological Society - Chinese Red Panda

Saint Louis Zoo - Ozark Hellbender 

 2011 Top Honors
Riverbanks Zoo and Aquarium - Bali Mynah
Zoo Atlanta - Western lowland gorilla

2010 Top Honors
Smithsonian's National Zoological Park - Kori Bustard

 2010 Significant Achievement
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium - Garibaldi
New England Aquarium - Queen Triggerfish
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden - Black-footed Cat

2009 Top Honors
Audubon (ACRES)— Mississippi Sandhill Crane
SeaWorld San Diego — Common Bottlenose Dolphin

2009 Significant Achievement
Disney's Animal Kingdom — Key Largo Woodrat

2008 Top Honors
Chicago Zoological Society — Goeldi's Monkey (in PDF)
Disney's Animal Kingdom — Carmine Bee-eater

2007 Top Honors
Indianapolis Zoo — Jamaican Iguana Breeding Program

2006 Top Honors
Milwaukee Zoo — Long-term Propagation and Management of Bonobo
Roger Williams Park Zoo — American Burying Beetle Breeding Program

2006 Significant Achievement
Santa Barbara Zoo — Giant Anteater Breeding Program
John G. Shedd Aquarium — Caiman Lizard Breeding Program

2005 Top Honors
Cincinnati Zoo — Long-term Propagation and Captive Management of the Honey Ant
National Zoological Park — Golden Orb Spider Long-term Propagation Program
Riverbanks Zoo — Malagasy Leaf-tailed Gecko Long-term Propagation and Captive Husbandry Program

2005 Significant Achievement
Saint Louis Zoo — Wildlife Contraception Center

2004 Top Honors
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Long-term Propagation, Captive Management and Biology of the Spiny Lobster Katydid
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center — Long-term Propagation of the Attwater's Prairie Chicken

2004 Significant Achievement
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas — Freshwater Stingray Breeding Program
SeaWorld San Diego — Green Sea Turtle Management and Propagation History at SeaWorld San Diego

2003 Top Honors
Waikiki Aquarium — Long-term Tropical Pacific Coral Propagation Program

2003 Significant Achievement
Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum — Aldabra Tortoise Breeding Program
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Long-term Propagation and Captive Management of the Leaf-cutting Ant

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Long-term Propagation and Captive Management of the Giant Water Bug
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Sumatran Rhino Breeding Program
Aquarium of the Pacific — Weedy Sea Dragon Propagation Program

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden — Long-term Propagation of the Peruvian Fire Stick
Indianapolis Zoological Gardens — African Elephant Program

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Bullet Ants
Minnesota Zoo — Long-term Propagation for Pronghorn

Brookfield Zoo — Long-term Propagation and Management of Tanagers
Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo — Propagation of Red and Lesser Bird of Paradise
Oregon Zoo — Long-tem Propagation of Humboldt Penguins
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USCD — Pacific Seahorse Propagation Program
Monterey Bay Aquarium — Pacific Bonito program

Belle Isle Aquarium — Long-term Propagation of Golden Skiffia
Riverbanks Zoo — Long-term Propagation Program for toucans
Knoxville Zoo — Long-term Propagation and Contributory Program for the Red Panda
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum — Hummingbird propagation program
Zoo Atlanta — Comprehensive Program for Great Ape Management and Conservation
St Louis Zoo — Long-term Husbandry Program for the Formation and Maintenance of an All Male Group of Western Lowland Gorillas
Detroit Zoo — Long-term Propagation Program for the Emperor Newt

Dickerson Park Zoo — Long-term propagation program of the Asian Elephant

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — Sunburst Diving Beetles 
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore — African Penguin Long-term propagation program 
Vancouver Aquarium — Lingcod breeding program


Avicultural Breeding & Research Center — Breeding program for Palm Cockatoo

Avicultural Breeding & Research Center — Breeding program for Caninde Macaws
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, Minnesota Zoological Garden, & National Zoological Park — Long-term propagation of tigers
Vancouver Public Aquarium — Breeding program for Pandalid shrimp

New York Aquarium — Breeding program for Belugas
Gladys Porter Zoo — Breeding program for Philippine crocodile

Monterey Bay Aquarium — Breeding program for Purple-striped jellyfish
National Zoological Park — Komodo Monitor hatching

Audubon Park & Zoological Garden — Asian hornbills breeding program
San Diego Zoo — Francois' langur propagation program
Waikiki Aquarium — Chambered nautilus breeding program
Woodland Park Zoological Garden — Solomon Islands leaf frogs propagation program

Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens — Long-term propagation of lowland gorilla
Tulsa Zoological Park — Atlantic spadefish

1989 —
Fort Worth Zoological Park — Arboreal boid breeding program
San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo, and Los Angeles Zoo — California condor
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and St. Louis Zoological Park — Guar and Banteng propagation programs
National Aquarium in Baltimore
Dart-poison frog breeding program

Dallas Zoo — Bushmaster propagation program
Louisville Zoological Garden — Woolly monkey propagation program

Toledo Zoological Gardens — Boa breeding program
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium — Red wolf propagation program
Sea Life Park — False killer whale

Knoxville Zoological Gardens — Papuan python prop, program
National Zoological Park, New York Zoological Park & Philadelphia Zoological Garden — Guam rail & Kingfisher breeding programs
New York Zoological Park — Snow leopard breeding program
Sea World of Florida — Killer whale
Cincinnati Zoo — Harlequin beetle breeding program

Belle Isle Zoo & Aquarium — Checkerboard stingray propagation program
Gladys Porter Zoo — Turtle breeding program
Buffalo Zoological Gardens — Puerto Rican crested toad propagation program
Cincinnati Zoo — Hercules beetle

Seattle Aquarium — Giant Pacific octopus
Honolulu Zoo & San Antonio Zoological Gardens — Madagascar angulated tortoise
Sea World, Inc. (San Diego) — King & Emperor penguins propagation program
SaintLouis Zoological Park — Speke's gazelle propagation program

The Seattle Aquarium — Coho salmon breeding program
Vancouver Public Aquarium — Marine fishes breeding program
Miami Metrozoo — Crocodilian breeding program
New York Zoological Park — White-naped crane breeding program
Buffalo Zoological Gardens — Red-eyed tree frog breeding program

Houston Zoological Gardens — Angolan python
Riverbanks Zoological Park — Black howler monkey propagation program

Vancouver Public Aquarium — Cockscomb prickleback
National Zoological Park & New York Zoological Park — Chinese alligator
Sea World, Inc.(San Diego) — Emperor penguin
Cincinnati Zoo — Texas blind salamander

The Seattle Aquarium — Pacific spiny lumpsucker
Houston Zoological Gardens — Scarlet cock-of-the-rock
Sea World (San Diego) — Penguin propagation program
National Zoological Park — Golden lion tamarin propagation program

Hanna-Barbera Marineland — Pacific walrus
Houston Zoological Gardens — Red bird-of-paradise
Dallas Zoo — Bismarck ringed python
Cincinnati Zoo — Giant Asian walking stick
Vancouver Public Aquarium — Wolf eel

National Zoological Park — Orangutan, second generation
Reptile Breeding Foundation — Insular forms of Epicrates
New York Zoological Park — Malayan wreath-billed hornbill
Metro Toronto Zoo — Renauld's ground cuckoo
Cincinnati Zoo — Royal goliath beetle

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — Black howler monkey
Saint Louis Zoological Park — Bateleur eagle
Sedgwick County Zoo — Green tree python Dart-poison frog

Washington Park Zoo — Asian elephant, second generation
National Zoological Park — North Island brown kiwi
Institute/Herp. Research — White-lipped python
Belle Isle Aquarium — Freshwater stingray

Lincoln Park Zoo — La Plata three-banded armadillo
New York Zoological Park — North Pacific murre
Sacramento Zoo — Fiji iguana

San Diego Zoo — Ruffed lemur
San Diego Wild Animal Park — Abyssinian ground hornbill
Brookfield Zoo — Hinge-backed tortoise
New England Aquarium — Chain dogfish

Lincoln Park Zoo — Black leopard, third generation
New York Zoological Park — White-quilled black bustard
Columbus Zoo — Jamaican boa

St. Louis Zoological Park — Black lemur, second generation
Zoo Atlanta — Morelet's crocodile
Topeka Zoological Park — American golden eagle
Shark-Quarium, Florida — Bonnethead shark

Busch Gardens (Tampa) — Roan antelope
New York Zoological Park — Tufted puffin
Los Angeles Zoo — Dog-toothed cat snake
New York Aquarium — Black piranha

Memphis Zoo & Aquarium — Douc langur
Catskill Game Farm — King vulture
Brookfield Zoo — Green-crested basilisk

Columbus Zoo — Lowland gorilla, 2nd generation
New York Zoological Park — Argentine ruddy duck, Reticulated python

Steinhart Aquarium — Bushmaster
Crandon Park Zoo (Miami) — Aardvark
National Zoological Park — Elf owl

Brookfield Zoo — Philippine tarsier
New York Zoological Park — Adelie penguin
Houston Zoological Gardens — Malayan pit viper
Hanna-Barbera Marineland — Bat ray

San Diego Zoo — Proboscis monkey, Thick-billed parrot, and African soft-shelled turtle

New York Zoological Park — Indian chevrotain
San Diego Zoo — Rhinoceros iguana

Phoenix Zoo — Arabian oryx
San Diego Zoo — Gila monster &Galapagos tortoise
Busch Gardens (Tampa) — Golden-naped macaw

Washington Park Zoo — Asian elephant
Milwaukee Zoo — Siamang

Brookfield Zoo — Dall sheep

San Diego Zoo — Koala

Brookfield Zoo — Okapi

Catskill Game Farm — Asian wild horse
National Zoological Park — Snow leopard & Wisent

Audubon Park & Zoo — Whooping crane

Columbus Zoo — Lowland gorilla