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Scientists hope to restore Marin’s pond turtle population

Western pond turtle conservation efforts are featured in this Point Reyes Light article: "Seashore biotechnician Tim Bernot pulled out a telemetry receiver on a recent Thursday morning, listening to the metronome-like clicks as he drove a park truck to a ranch pond to check turtle traps. The pace of the clicks, sourced from emitters glued to a female pond turtle’s carapace, tells him when the turtle may be out of the water and on dry land—in other words, whether she might be digging a nest, which are almost impossible for humans to find.

“If you were just to walk around, you would never find them. You have to catch them in the act. They’re super cryptic,” Mr. Bernot said.

The hunt for nests and eggs is part of a new effort to reintroduce western pond turtles to sites in the Marin Headlands, where the native turtles were recently discovered to be extirpated. A partnership between the National Park Service, the San Francisco Zoo and Sonoma State University aims to bring them back to the area by collecting turtle eggs in the northern reaches of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area that are managed by the Point Reyes National Seashore, where they still exist." Read full article

Posted by Rob Vernon at 3:59 PM

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