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Image of the logo SAFE Saving Animals From ExtinctionThe Association of Zoos & Aquariums, with its member aquariums and zoos and a variety of partners, are taking action to save species through AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction. SAFE combines the power of zoo and aquarium visitors with the resources and collective expertise of AZA members and partners, all focused on saving species. Our collective action will help save vulnerable wildlife species from extinction and protect them for future generations.


Category: Vaquita

AZA SAFE partner Marine Mammal Commission casts a spotlight on vaquita marina through CCTV America

Peter Thomas, International and Policy Program Director at Marine Mammal Commission , discussed concerns for the critically endangered vaquita marina in a recent interview with CCTV America . The interview focused on the impacts of illegal totoaba fishing in Mexico on the vaquita, and the steps that are being taken to help protect vaquitas in the wild. The Mexican government has issued a ban on gillnets, the biggest threat to the vaquita, and is beginning to use drones in an effort to catch... Read More
Posted by Sandra Elvin at Thursday, October 27, 2016

AZA member The Living Desert raising awareness and funds for vaquita

The Palm Desert Patch reports: During La Gran Fiesta, The Living Desert will also be raising awareness of the plight of the vaquita, the world’s most endangered marine mammal. Current estimates state there are fewer than 60 of these small porpoise left in the northern Gulf of California. The vaquitas’ major threat is entanglement in fishing gillnets. As a way to help save the vaquita, attendees at La Gran Fiesta are invited to take part in the inaugural vaquita parade. Guests... Read More
Posted by Rob Vernon at Friday, October 7, 2016

Storied Seafood: Vaquita Conservation

Through exemplary collaboration, the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Seafood for the Future program and NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center developed Storied Seafood: Vaquita Conservation . Storied Seafood tells the story of the vaquita through the lens of a group of innovative fishermen from the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. These fishermen are working with global fishing experts, government and nongovernment organizations to develop and test non-entangling fishing... Read More
Posted by Rob Vernon at Friday, September 30, 2016

Reid Park Zoo: Protecting the Vaquita

The vaquita, the smallest porpoise in the world, needs our help. In this KVOA/News 4 Tucson video, Reid Park Zoo’s Jed Dodds and Education Coordinator Jennifer discuss how the Zoo is helping the critically endangered species. Watch the video Read More
at Friday, September 23, 2016

Monterey Bay Aquarium joins fight to save endangered porpoise

An article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel highlights efforts helping to protect the vaquita: "The Monterey Bay Aquarium has joined the international fight to save the vaquita, the world’s smallest and most endangered porpoise. The 100-pound, 5-foot long, toothed whale only lives in the northern pocket of the Gulf of California, Mexico. Only 60 remain in the wild." Read full article Read More
Posted by Jen Fields at Thursday, July 28, 2016

AZA SAFE Vaquita Partner Update: Wild Lens, Inc.

Souls of the Vermilion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita from Wild Lens on Vimeo . Wild Lens, Inc., an AZA SAFE partner organization, is currently developing a feature-length documentary titled “Souls of the Vermilion Sea” to raise awareness about the plight of the vaquita and to highlight some crucial vaquita conservation efforts. To begin engaging audiences beforehand, they recently released a shorter, fourteen-minute film titled “Searching for the Vaquita”,... Read More
at Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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