Celebrate AZA SAFE During Your Fall Festivities! 

AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction focuses the collective expertise within AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums and leverages their massive audiences to save species. AZA SAFE Monarch pumpkin carving template


Follow these simple steps to create festive species pumpkin art to celebrate the fall season.

Step 1: Pick your favorite SAFE Species template below and print it out.

Step 2: Cut the top off your pumpkin, remove all the seeds, and scrape it clean. (Zero-waste tip: Don't throw away the seeds! Clean and bake your pumpkin seeds with some seasoning for a tasty snack.)

Step 3: Pin the template on your pumpkin and poke holes around the grey parts of the design - that's what you will carve out. 

Step 4: Carve out the design safely with a knife. Little ones - ask for help with this step.

Step 5: Share your spooky species pumpkin on social media using #MyAZA!

SAFE species are at risk of extinction and need our help. AZA member institutions are working together alongside their partners to help save these animals. Meet all of the SAFE Species.

Zero-waste tip: when you're finished displaying your pumpkin art, throw it in the compost bin!

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