Arctic Ambassador Centers

See which AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums have become Arctic Ambassador Centers (AACs), certified by Polar Bears International (PBI). These facilities are committed to increasing their level of institutional and community action towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions to save not only polar bear habitat, but also the habitats of species being negatively affected by climate disruption in all global regions.

AACs may commit to one of three levels of engagement that entail some combination of these requirements:

  • Must agree to all AAC level requirements and appoint an AAC point person.
  • Must have an institutional commitment to, and demonstrate ways in which the institution is significantly reducing their greenhouse emissions.
  • If an AAC cares for polar bears in their institution, the AAC must meet, or demonstrate progress towards meeting AZA Exhibit Standards for polar bears.
  • Must support polar bear research initiatives.
  • Must have climate and arctic impact interpretive messaging materials exhibited.
  • Must have climate and arctic impact education experience(s) for guests or members of any age.
  • Must conduct annual training on conservation messaging for interpreters.
  • Must demonstrate Mentorship of Stewardship, i.e. create change in their organization and local community with measurable impacts.
  • Must publish PBI Tundra Connection Programs in their organization's newsletter and website.
  • Must coordinate institutional participation in at least one Tundra Connections webcast per year.
  • Must participate in an annual climate awareness program.
  • Must showcase community, business, and government entities making an impact on saving polar bear habitat.

AACs will receive some combination of these benefits, depending upon their level of commitment, from PBI:

  • Eligible to display AAC Logo Certificate and Award.
  • Eligible for participation in Polar Bears International Programs.
  • PR support for your institution's activities when correlated with PBI activities.
  • Tools and standards to deliver the PBI Paw of Approval to businesses organizations in the local community
  • Participation in the "Polar Bear Friendly" PBI program.
  • Unlimited usage of PBI images, mini posters, maps, film clips, film vignettes, PBI B-roll, personalized messaging and celebrity endorsement materials.
  • Usage of PBI interpretive tool kit (polar bear skull, pelt, collar, claws, etc.).
  • Social networking media support and content.
  • Access to PBI Tundra Connections Programs.
  • Access to specialized speaker/scientist lecturers for community outreach.
  • Qualify to attend PBI Leadership Camp(s) by invitation.
  • Access to customizable educational arctic ecotours for zoo groups and VIPs with Frontiers North Adventures.
  • Website support and content.
  • Newsletter support and content.
  • Access to PB Sustainability Alliance programs and information.
  • Opportunity to participate with PBI research initiatives.
  • PBI fundraising assistance for polar bear exhibit improvement.
  • Access to IMAX To the Arctic film and events which will cross-promote AACs.
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