Animal Programs Monthly Update: May 2018

May 2018

AZA Animal Programs: Tip-of-the-Month

Since it is officially Spring, here are some spring cleaning reminders for your Animal Programs:

  • Check your list of Officers and Advisors on your program’s page in the Animal Programs Database and send any updates to
  • Check your Institutional Representative (IR) lists and reach out to the Institutional Liaisons (ILs) if there are any discrepancies.
  • Know your deadlines for SSP Breeding & Transfer Plans, Studbooks, or Regional Collection Plans and request any extensions as outlined on the AZA website 
  • Review your SSP Sustainability Reports and send any updated information to
  • Protect your hard work by submitting an updated studbook database to the PMC. Please note that the PMC will no longer be using ShareFile, and has switched over to a service called WeTransfer. For more information on how to submit your work, follow these guidelines.

Thank you all, and feel free to email with any questions!

Welcome, New SAFE Species!

In March, Atlantic Acropora coral became the first SAFE program for invertebrates, and is being led by Bart Shepherd (Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences) and Mike Brittsan (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium). AZA members Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, John G. Shedd Aquarium, The Florida Aquarium, and Mote Marine Laboratory have also joined the program, along with other partners.

In April, the American red wolf became the newest SAFE species, led by Chris Lasher (North Carolina Zoo). Five other AZA members have joined as program partners – Endangered Wolf Center, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Zoo Knoxville, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and the Museum of Life and Science, along with several other supporting organizations.

These programs are growing their teams and developing their 3-year program plans. Reach out to your colleagues to learn how you and your organization can join their efforts, or learn how to propose a new SAFE Species program by visiting our SAFE Species page.

Get Involved with SAFE

AZA SAFE now has 16 species programs that you and your institution can help support! To learn more, meet our SAFE species here. If you are interested in becoming a Program Partner, contact

AZA Calendar

Please visit the AZA calendar to find the current list of workshops, meetings, and training opportunities that are of interest to Animal Program participants and other zoo and aquarium professionals. To add to this list, please email

Funding and Award Opportunities

Visit AZA's Other Conservation Funding Sources page for information about grants provided by AZA-accredited institutions as well as external sources. Please email any other funding opportunities to for posting on the website.

New Program Leaders

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Anne Scott, Chicago Zoological Society – Brookfield Zoo

Holly Ray, Oklahoma City Zoo

Cinnamon Williams, Kansas City Zoo

Teresa Shepard, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

Ashley Graham, Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park

Justin Eckelberry, Zoo Atlanta

SSP Coordinator

Patti Frazier, Zoo Atlanta

Matthew McHarness, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Paula Kolvig, Rainforest & Aquarium at Moody Gardens, Inc.

Candidate Program Leader

John Andrews, Lincoln Park Zoo

New Program Leader Vacancies

Find applications and instructions regarding vacancies in the Animal Program Handbooks.  Applications are due June 1, 2018, unless otherwise noted. For a full list of available Program Leader positions, visit the Current Program Leader Vacancies page.

SSP Coordinator

Please send application materials to Scott Tidmus, Raptor TAG Chair.

Studbook Keeper

Please send application materials to Tara Stoinski, Ape TAG Chair.

Please send application materials to Don Goff, Felid TAG Chair.

Candidate Program Leader

Please send application materials to Kent Vliet, Crocodilian TAG Chair.

Please send application materials to Kent Vliet, Crocodilian TAG Chair.

Please send application materials to Kent Vliet, Crocodilian TAG Chair.

New Publications

Please note that all documents are available for download on the Program's page found by logging in and searching the Animal Programs Database.


Bongo, Eastern
Falcon, African Pygmy
Fox, Swift
Gazelle, Speke’s
Hornbill, Wrinkled
Lemur, Blue-eyed Black
Sifaka, Coquerel’s
Skink, Prehensile-tailed
Snake, Louisiana Pine
Turtle, Bog
Whale, Beluga
Wolf, Red
Viper, Armenian

Regional Collection Plans


Breeding & Transfer Plans

Aoudad, Kordofan
Bear, Sloth
Bluebird, Fairy
Colobus, Angolan
Colobus, Guereza
Crane, Blue
Crane, Hooded
Crocodile, Siamese
Dove, Luzon Bleeding Heart
Duiker, Black
Gerenuk, Southern
Honeyeater, Blue-faced
Ibis, Scarlet
Mynah, Bali
Owl, Snowy
Stork, European White
Toad, Puerto Rican Crested

Want to contribute to the Update?

All announcements for the monthly Animal Programs Update should be submitted to the AZA Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department at by the 25th of the prior month.


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