Amphibian Education Materials

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Amphibian Education Materials

AZA’s Conservation Education Committee, Amphibian Taxonomic Advisory Group, and Year of the Frog Task Force have developed educational curriculum materials, fun family activities, and expert resources to help AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums raise awareness about amphibian declines and engage the public in their conservation efforts. These materials are meant to be used and adapted, as appropriate, for any amphibian-themed educational efforts. 

Educational Activities

Numerous educational activities and games, including some in Spanish and at different difficulty levels, have been developed and are available for anyone to download.

*Special thanks to Africam Safari (Mexico) for contributing bilingual activities!
** Created in partnership between AZA,
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and the National Wildlife Federation

Outreach Materials

Several types of amphibian conservation outreach materials, including posters, fact sheets, handouts, outreach program animal recommendations, and adaptable amphibian articles, have been developed and are available for anyone to download. 

Fact Sheets
Fact sheets, describing the amphibian crisis and the conservation actions AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums take towards alleviating this crisis are available for for volunteers, docents, educators, media communications, or anyone else to download.

An AZA handout, entitled “ Top 8 Ways to Help Frogs” is available as an individual handout card or a full sheet of ten wallet-sized handout cards for anyone to download.

Amphibian Outreach Program Animals
An AZA Recommendations for Reptiles and Amphibians Used in Outreach Programs document has been developed for use as a resource to identify some of the more common species that have been safely used in educational outreach programs.

Adaptable Amphibian Decline Article
An AZA article, entitled: “Responding to Amphibian Declines During Year of the Frog” describes the amphibian conservation crisis and the zoological community's response to amphibian declines in preparation for the Year of the Frog. The article can be adapted to describe future efforts and is suitable for newsletters or magazines.