Amphibian Conservation and Education Resources

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Oregon Spotted Frog, © Michael Durham, Oregon Zoo

Amphibian Conservation and Education Resources

In the face of widespread amphibian population declines, the AZA community has created resources to help AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums take strategic, sustainable, and effective action to protect and conserve amphibian populations, raise awareness and engage the public in conservation action, and increase communication.

Amphibian Population Planning

AZA has developed numerous amphibian population planning resources, including an Amphibian Regional Collection Plan, Conservation Resource Manual, Husbandry Guide, and a listing of potential funding sources, to help AZA-accredited institutions manage the amphibians in their care, create conservation programs, and increase populations. Read more about Amphibian Population Planning.

Amphibian Education Materials

AZA has created a variety of amphibian educational materials including fun family or curriculum activities and expert resources to help AZA-accredited institutions raise awareness about amphibian declines and engage the public in their conservation efforts. Read more about Amphibian Education Materials.

Amphibian News

AZA communicates news about amphibian conservation internally to the AZA community and externally to the public through a variety of media outlets including an Amphibian Conservation Newsletter and articles in AZA’s member magazine CONNECT. Read more about Amphibian News.