Accreditation Commission

Accreditation Commission Mission

Establishes, upholds and raises the highest zoological and aquarium industry standards.Reviews applications for accreditation and certification, conducts interviews, identifies concerns, and evaluates the information in order to make final decisions.Monitors accredited institutions, maintains and writes professional standards, and provides mentoring, training and guidance.

Jeff Wyatt, DVM, Seneca Park Zoo

Craig Piper, Wildlife Conservation Society

Norah Fletchall, Buffalo Zoo
Keith Lovett, Buttonwood Park Zoo
Amos Morris, Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Michael  Murray, DVM, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Luis Padilla, DVM, Saint Louis Zoo
Pat Simmons, North Carolina Zoo
Brandie Smith, PhD, Smithsonian National Zoo
Scott Terrell, DVM, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Rich Toth, Audubon Nature Institute Downtown Facilities
Maylon White, North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Jackson Andrews, Tennessee Aquarium
Ed Diebold, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Glenn Dobrogosz, Greensboro Science Center
Nancy McToldridge, Santa Barbara Zoo

Board Liaison
Jim Breheny, Wildlife Conservation Society

Animal Welfare Committee Liaison
Scott Terrell, DVM, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Elephant TAG Liaison
Bruce Bohmke, Woodland Park Zoo

AZA Staff Liaisons
Kris Vehrs, Executive Director
Denny Lewis, Senior VP, Accreditation Programs
Jennifer DiNenna, Director, Accreditation Programs
Cheri Bermudez, Accreditation Programs Coordinator

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