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Welcome to the AZA Accreditation Resource Center! Here you will find examples of institutional documents and policies that are required for AZA accreditation as well as guidelines and information that may be useful in developing and/or revising your institution’s programs and policies. The Resource Center is intended to serve as a tool in helping currently accredited AZA institutions (as well as new applicant facilities) to develop protocols, programs, and policies at their own institutions that, at minimum, are in line with accreditation expectations.

The sample documents that are required for accreditation were selected by the Accreditation Commission as representing good examples for use by institutions in developing similar documents. Institutions are advised, however, not to simply "cut and paste." It is the responsibility of each institution to make certain that their own policies and procedures fully reflect and address the particular needs and challenges at their own individual institutions.

This Resource Center is regularly updated, so please be sure to check back periodically for new information and examples. It is our goal to eventually have several examples of every single document required for AZA accreditation, as well as other helpful information. We extend our sincere gratitude to our AZA-accredited institutions and Related Facilities for the use of the documents in this Resource Center.

Guidelines & Sample Documents, Programs, and Policies Required for  Accreditation

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