2023 Accreditation Standards and Related Policies

2023 Accreditation Standards and Related Policies (PDF)
The complete standards for zoos, aquariums and related facilities applying for AZA accreditation and certification (118 pp.).

2023 Accreditation Standards and Related Policies - translated into Spanish (PDF)

2023 Accreditation Standards and Related Policies- translated into French (PDF)

2023 Accreditation Standards and Related Policies- translated into Arabic (PDF)

The Accreditation Process of AZA and Animal Welfare
An explanation of how welfare is woven throughout the AZA Accreditation Standards and Related Policies. 

Accreditation Documents

2023 Guide to Accreditation of Zoological Parks and Aquariums (PDF)
The complete guidelines for zoos and aquariums applying for AZA accreditation and certification (54 pp.).

2023 Accreditation Questionnaire (Application) (DOC) (32 pp.)

2022 Accreditation Visiting Committee Report Form (DOCX) (27 pp.)

Certification Documents

2023 Certification Questionnaire (Application) (DOC) (32 pp.)

2022 Certification Visiting Committee Report Form (DOCX) (27 pp.)

Inspector's Handbook 

Visiting Committee Members may download the 2022 edition of the Inspector's Handbook (PDF) (70 pp.) or contact the AZA office at 301-562-0777 to receive a hard copy of any accreditation/certification materials.

Accreditation Standards & Process PowerPoint

For more information on the accreditation process, several PowerPoint presentations are available. These presentations cover pointers for institutions going through the process, institutions considering applying for accreditation, and accreditation inspectors. You may obtain copies of the most up-to-date presentations by contacting the AZA office at  AZAAccreditation@aza.org.

Accreditation Rack Card for Visitors

Show your visitors what your AZA accreditation means! Download the Accreditation Rack Card (PDF).

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