Splash! North American River Otter Habitat to Re-open

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Splash! North American River Otter Habitat to Re-open

Sept 8, 2011


Everyone loves to watch the North American river otters at the Sacramento Zoo. Their constant movement and antics, diving into the water and scurrying around the exhibit, bring a smile to many faces. The otter habitat has been completely renovated and will re-open to the public with a celebration on Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th.

As one of the older exhibits at the Zoo, the otter pool and holding area were in need of a facelift. Their habitat remains in the same location, but has been totally renovated and enlarged. A rock backdrop and larger land area with new landscaping surrounding their pool are now viewed through giant glass windows, allowing a closer look at the otters. In addition, the off-exhibit and keeper area have been improved as well.

“There are so many people who have helped to make this project a reality, including Otto Construction and River City Glass, Inc., and we are grateful to every one of them,” said Mary Healy, Director/CEO. “What many may not realize is that river otters are one of the few animals at the Zoo that are native to the Sacramento region.”

Sacramento, the “River City,” is a home to the North American river otter. Although they are still found across North America, the river otters are endangered in some areas. This may be due to their sensitivity to pollution and the health problems associated with contaminated fish and water.

For more information contact the Public Relations Coordinator, Tonja Swank at 916-808-7446 or tswank@saczoo.org.


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