“Whooo Whooo” is new at Riverbanks Zoo?

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Spectacled Owlet

“Whooo Whooo” is new at Riverbanks Zoo?

Jul 1, 2011

Guests visiting Riverbanks Zoo and Garden during the Fourth of July weekend will be among the first to see the Zoo’s newest resident, a spectacled owlet.

The 8-week-old bird hatched on May 5 and is the first spectacled owl to be born at Riverbanks since 2002. While the baby owl is already as big as its parents, it can be identified by its white (instead of brown) feathers.

Riverbanks has been home to spectacled owls for more than 20 years. Their range is from Central America to Northern Argentina, but the species is uncommon in the wild.

The spectacled owl exhibit is located in the Bird Garden at Riverbanks across from the Bird Conservation Center and adjacent to Kangaroo Walkabout.

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