E.ON U.S. Presents: Zoo Poopy Doo Sale

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E.ON U.S. Presents: Zoo Poopy Doo Sale

Mar 4, 2010

April 17 – Zoo Poopy Doo Sale, a Party for the Planet: A Month-Long Celebration of the Earth event powered by E.ON U.S.

You can purchase quality hardwood bark mulch and Zoo Poopy Doo (which is made especially by our animals at the Zoo!) from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. April 10, 17 and 24. Zoo Poopy Doo is a rich compost mixture comprised of Zoo hoof stock manure (like elephant, rhino, camel and giraffe), hay, straw and wood shavings. Make your purchases at the ticket windows (in front of the Zoo entrance gates) and then collect your mulch or compost in the Zoo’s second tier of the bus parking lot.

Mulch - $25 per load for small pick-up truck, $40 per load for medium to full size pick-up truck

Compost - $35 per scoop / $10.00 per garbage can

*Note: Bags of compost are not available for sale*

Kara Bussabarger

Public Relations Manager

The Louisville Zoo

1100 Trevilian Way

Louisville, KY 40213

OFFICE: 502-238-5331


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