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AZA Membership Benefits for Organizations

AZA fosters strength and unity in the zoo and aquarium community, setting high standards in animal care and conservation, research, and quality educational experiences for more than 175 million visitors a year.  Representing a strong, unified voice, AZA and its’ members share a common commitment and passion for the zoo and aquarium community, wildlife and nature.

AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums, Certified-Related Facilities, and Conservation Partners have access to the following AZA services through their organization’s membership.

AZA Commercial members enjoy tools designed specifically to enhance the ability to reach zoos, aquariums, and professionals.  Find Commercial membership benefits and information here.

Organizational Benefits

  • AZA-accreditation and certification is mandatory for all AZA member organizations.  Once earned, it confers best-in-class status, an important message for local, state, and federal government and the visiting public.
  • Participation in AZA’s signature Species Survival Plan (SSP) program, facilitating the management and conservation of more than 150 species.  Institutional membership also provides access to tools that facilitate the exchange of animals between accredited institutions.
  • AZA’s Conservation and husbandry resources are extensive and provide significant benefit to the animal care and education programs at member institutions. In addition, members are eligible for grants from the AZA Conservation Endowment Fund (CEF).
  • Zoos and aquariums are regulated by multiple Federal agencies and often complex and changing regulations.  AZA works with government officials and federal agencies to effectively represent its members and to facilitate their operations within the regulatory framework. Learn more about AZA Government Affairs.
  • With a tremendous interest in animals by the public, media and corporations, AZA’s marketing and communications programs are vital services for zoos and aquariums looking to boost visibility, attendance and sponsorship opportunities.
  • AZA’s staff have specialized expertise and a national perspective, all available to AZA members.
  • AZA’s Web site ( is an extensive library of resources, including the exclusive ability to upload member news and events to appear in AZA’s Newsroom.
  • Post open positions on AZA’s Job Listings board and recruit top-notch talent from across the country and internationally.
  • Take advantage of the valuable Cooperative Purchasing programs and enjoy deep cooperative purchasing discounts on many items your organization uses everyday!
  • Stay informed about the zoo and aquarium professional community with a member-exclusive subscription to AZA’s CONNECT magazine.
  • Take advantage of the valuable Cooperative Purchasing programs and enjoy deep cooperative purchasing discounts on many items your organization uses everyday!
  • Utilize various tools for finding the products and services you need – including the AZA RFP Distribution Service.
  • Keep the AZA-accredited zoo and aquarium community in touch with your organization’s efforts with annual mailing list access – free for Institution and Commercial members.