Serving on AZA Committees

To be eligible for a committee chair or committee member position, candidates should be professional fellows in good standing during their full term.  Committee chair and member individual qualifications include: 

  • Proven performance in their field
  • Commitment and time to serve
  • Permission of home institution

All committees and task forces work under the guidance of the long-range plan. The Chair of the Board, in consultation with the President / CEO and the Immediate Past Chair, appoints all committee and task force chairs, except as otherwise provided in the bylaws

How to Get Involved

AZA members should express interest to committee chairs, attend open meeting portion of committee meetings held at mid-year and at the annual conference, volunteer to work on task forces, and, of course, submit your name to the incoming chair when the call for committee membership goes out, typically in April or May of each year.  Be sure to secure the support of your institution for committee participation.