CONNECT Magazine June 2010

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On The Cover
Orange-finned anemone fish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) can be found in the tropical coral reefs of the western Pacific. This image was shot by Keith Ellenbogen on a joint New England Aquarium/Monterey Bay Aquarium expedition to the vibrant reefs of Fiji in 2009. Tropical fish abundance on most coral reefs worldwide has been in decline for decades due to the effects of many human-caused sources including climate change. When corals die, reef fish populations usually drop quickly. Climate change can lead to direct, quick and dramatic decline in tropical reefs through coral bleaching as ocean temperatures warm. Longer term and less direct effects of ocean change on tropical reef decline include increasing ocean acidification and a rise in the prevalence of coral diseases due to multiple environmental stressors on the immune systems of corals.

© Keith Ellenbogen

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