Organization: Ellen Trout Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Lufkin, Texas, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The Ellen Trout Zoo is looking for motivated professional persons to become part of our team as Keepers. Examples of duties include all aspects of daily animal care and maintenance including cleaning, feeding, watering, observing, enclosure upkeep, propagation, monitoring health, medicating under veterinary supervision, record keeping, informal education exchanges with zoo guests, and other aspects of professional animal care and management.

Knowledge of husbandry and exhibitry techniques, nutritional requirements, behavior, common diseases, capture and restraint, and propagation methods is advantageous. Must be able to work independently, follow a schedule, maintain accurate records and write meaningful reports. Must be flexible and adaptable to working within the framework of a small zoo. Must have a respect for animals, professional attitude about the work and about working as a member of the zoo team for the benefit of the animals.

Experience with hand tools, carpentry and plumbing is beneficial. Types of animals under the care of this person may include hippos, parrots, cranes, waterfowl, duikers, tortoises, and a variety of other mammals, birds, and reptiles. Physical aspects of the job include: lifting logs, rocks, hay bales, and feed bags; enclosure construction / maintenance as well as maintaining the natural appearance of exhibits by placing logs, limbs, rocks, etc. in animal enclosures. The job requires standing, stooping, sitting, twisting, walking and lifting of feed sacks and hay bales (minimum of 25-70 pounds.)

Candidates must demonstrate good problem solving, written and oral communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Other duties include plant care in and around exhibits and assisting with projects and coverage in other sections of the zoo.

Position requires Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or related field; good physical condition; ability to present a positive professional image of the City of Lufkin and the Zoo to members of the public. The job involves working on weekends and holidays. The starting salary is $25,164.48 annually.

To be considered, you must submit all of the following 3 documents: resume, cover letter, and completed application. Applications are available for download at Mail these 3 documents to Celia Falzone, Ellen Trout Zoo, 402 Zoo Circle, Lufkin, TX 75904. Please include your email address if you have one to facilitate correspondence. Candidates must be able to be present for on site interviews.