Zookeeper - Sea Lions, LargeCarnivores

Organization: Tulsa Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Mammal Keeper – Sea Lions, Large Carnivores

Full time position expected to care for certain species of the Tulsa Zoo’s mammal collection that currently includes sea lions, large felids, canids, and bears.


 Maintain, train and document husbandry and presentation behaviors for sea lion collection or other animals as assigned.

 Present daily animal presentations and behind the scenes tours educating the public with approved institutional information.

 Excellent public speaking skills and the ability to deliver educational presentations, animal encounters, tours, and media requests.

 Maintain cleanliness of exhibit and surrounding areas according to established protocols.

 Perform regular scuba and hookah diving while using power scrubbers underwater as part of the maintenance of the exhibit.

 Prepare food and food records according to organizational guidelines and USDA standards.

 Prepare, implement and document environmental enrichment.

 Cohesive work with animal health department with preventative medicine measures and associated medical procedures.

 Maintain consistent professional attitude, motivation and ability to accept criticism.

 Work environment includes diverse weather conditions as well as physically challenging responsibilities.

 Evening, holiday, weekend, overtime, and special event work will be required.

 Additional responsibilities deemed necessary by Tulsa Zoo Management Inc.


o Bachelor's degree in biological science field, with preference given to applicants with 1-3 years paid experience with marine mammals, especially pinnipeds.

o Knowledge and use of advanced operant conditioning technique as it applies to marine mammals specifically pinnipeds.

o Ability to notice precursors of animal aggression and specific training techniques to reduce it.

o Working knowledge of water chemistry and life support systems as they relate to marine mammal exhibits.

o Physical requirements include SCUBA certification, ability to lift 50 lbs, walk on uneven surfaces and work in all weather conditions.

o Demonstrable public speaking skills.

o Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

o Positive, mature, and self motivated team player expected to work effectively with guests, staff, volunteers, and animals.

o Safety awareness.

o Quick thinking skills and the ability to handle stressful work conditions effectively.


o Full Time, Hourly, $12.48/hr

o Comprehensive benefits package

Interested applicants can submit resume and cover letter to Stephanie Kain, Zoological Manager-Large Carnivores/Sea Lions at skain@tulsazoo.org , 6421 E. 36th St. North, Tulsa, OK 74115. No phone calls please. EOE