Summer Aquarist Internship

Organization: Aquarium of the Pacific (AZA Member)
Location: Long Beach, CA, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Summer Aquarist Internship


The Aquarium of the Pacific has Aquarist Internship opportunities for the summer term (between the months of May and August ’14). These interns will be trained to provide daily husbandry for a diverse collection of marine fishes and invertebrates. Through one-on-one training and hands-on exercises, our interns will become competent in the care and maintenance of each of our exhibits within their assigned gallery.

These are not paid positions.

Our animal collection is divided into 3 distinct geographical zones. We have a Tropical Pacific Gallery, Southern California Gallery and a North Pacific Gallery. In addition to this exhibitry, the Aquarium of the Pacific also has a changing exhibits gallery coupled with a major elasmobranch exhibit called Shark Lagoon. We have one internship position for each of these areas, two in our tropical area, and one for jelly culture for a total of six available positions.

Primary responsibilities for our interns will include, but are not limited to: daily food preparation and feeding, exhibit and behind-the-scenes cleaning, record keeping, animal observation, and guest interpretation. Our interns will also be able to participate in a number of “special projects” including veterinary procedures, annual animal physicals, quarantine procedures, and animal capture and transfer techniques.


Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

* Broad knowledge of ecological and biological principles, especially those relating to marine habitats.

* Must be able to lift and carry 50# on stairs, ladders and catwalks.

* Some background knowledge of marine aquarium keeping.

* Desire to work in close proximity to marine fish and invertebrates.

* Willingness to get wet and dirty.

* Strong communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively to staff and visitors alike.

* Ability to manage multiple tasks.

* Desire to fulfill our institutional mission of instilling a sense of wonder respect and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystems.

* SCUBA certification highly encouraged.