Animal Keeper II - Birds

Organization: Dallas Zoo Management, Inc. (AZA Member)
Location: Dallas, TX, United States
Job or Internship: Job


Provides quality care for a variety of exotic birds which includes food preparation, exhibit maintenance, feeding, pest control, and reproductive management to ensure proper care and safety of birds.


• Provides lead worker guidance of other animal keepers and assists in training new staff and volunteers in the proper procedures for the care and feeding of the animals.

• Observes and monitors animals’ general health and behavior around other animals, staff and public and reports any abnormal behavior to supervisor to ensure animal and public safety.

• Procures immediate medical care as directed and assists veterinarian with medical procedures.

• Prepares food for each assigned animal by following written diet instructions. Feeds each animal as diet requires. Hand feeds baby animals, provides water, and administers medicines as instructed to ensure proper nutrition and health.

• Cleans animal holding pens and exhibits, conducts pest control activities and reports any mechanical defects that would endanger the animal or the viewing public.

• Interacts with other animal care staff, veterinarians and volunteers to maintain health and happiness of animals. Interacts with the public to provide education about animals and their natural environment.

• Transfers animals to and from various sites and restrains animals so that medical procedures may be performed in a manner that is safe for both the animals and the staff.

• Performs general maintenance and repair of exhibits such as painting shelters, repairing fences and shelters, abating erosion, planning ground cover and removing weeds.

• Provides enrichment opportunities for the animals by adding or rearranging objects in the exhibits and providing a variety of approved foods in a natural setting.

• Prepares and updates animal records, reports and surveys and assists in research projects to ensure thorough documentation/accountability of assigned area and enhanced knowledge of animals.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Must have at least one year of exotic bird care experience. Three years experience preferred.

• BA/BS degree preferred.

• Must have knowledge of exotic bird care and handling and basic knowledge of bird husbandry skills.

• Must have basic knowledge of research techniques, principles and practices.

• Must be able to follow oral and written instructions and document animal care activities.

• Must be able to establish and maintain an effective rapport with all levels of management, employees and zoo guests.

• Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

• Must have good observation skills.

• Must have a valid driver’s license.

• Must be able to walk, stand, sit, kneel, stoop, crawl, twist, reach above head, pull bend, climb stairs and ladders and carry up to 50lbs.

• Must be able to work in inclement weather.

Successful candidates must pass pre-employment drug screening, background check and TB test.

Join the Dallas Zoo Management, Inc. community to experience a unique, challenging and rewarding career. If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter to All applicants MUST place job code BRD2 in the subject line to be considered.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for this position without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era.