Laboratory Technician

Organization: Georgia Aquarium (AZA Member)
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, Country
Job or Internship: Job

I. Position Summary

The Laboratory Technician will work with a diverse team in the daily operation of a busy water quality laboratory that supports the animal collection at Georgia Aquarium. The person in this position will work collaboratively with Husbandry, Life Support Systems, Plant Engineering, and Veterinary Services staff in the implementation of best practices to ultimately yield the highest standard of aquatic animal care.

II. Responsibilities:

1. Works within the Diagnostic and Water Quality Laboratory to carry out routine water quality analyses using a diversity of methods including spectrophotometry, titrations, coliform testing and various electrode methods, adhering to highest standards of laboratory practice.

2. Executes analytical chemistry operations using Ion Chromatography.

3. Manages and analyses the highest quality data that are the end product of these analyses.

4. Handles and dispenses chemical additives, adhering to OSHA safety requirements.

5. Develops new methods under the guidance of the Assistant Manager.

6. Is on-call for emergency duty during certain critical time periods (i.e. during animal transports, critical medical cases, etc.)

7. Works seamlessly with all GAI staff. Is a consistently positive role model helping to mold/create the unique GAI working culture that will become the new industry standard.

8. Helps to train and direct the activities of GAI laboratory volunteers and interns.

9. Interacts with guests, media and the general public on behalf of, and as an ambassador for, Georgia Aquarium Inc.

10. Performs other duties as workload necessitates.

III. Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in a biological or chemical science essential.

2. Documented six months practical experience with spectrophotometry and/or chromatographic methods.

3. Demonstrated 6 months laboratory experience and familiarity with basic concepts such as laboratory safety, work flow, data management and quality control.

4. Demonstrated ability to gather, analyze and manage various types of data; excellent organizational skills.

5. Superior verbal and written communication skills with scientific language are essential. A desire and ability to develop and deliver presentations or documents based on laboratory work is preferred.

6. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and/or LIMS-style laboratory workflow management software.

7. Effective problem solving skills

8. An ability to work independently or as part of a coordinated team.

9. An intrinsically-motivated, enthusiastic and positive approach to working with a diverse team of staff and volunteers.

10. Demonstrated professionalism, including politeness, good judgment, effective time management and punctuality, and an appreciation for diversity.

11. Ability to be flexible and shift priorities to meet departmental requirements.

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