Attwater's Prairie Chicken Internship

Organization: Houston Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Houston, Texas, Country
Job or Internship: Job

The Houston Zoo is offering a paid Attwater’s Prairie Chicken (APC) internship in the Bird Department. This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the most endangered birds in the United States. Successful candidate will participate in rearing and releasing Attwater’s Prairie Chickens.

General Job Duties include:

• Cleaning of animal APC exhibits and holding areas

• Preparing animal diets

• Monitoring health of APC chicks.

• Keeping accurate and extensive records of chick food intake, growth, and development milestones.

• Observing and recording animal condition, behaviors, and responses

• Assist with vet care and treatments

• Prepare a season summary for the breeding and chick rearing season

Working Conditions:

This position involves considerable physical exertion, such as regularly climbing of ladders, lifting of heavy objects (up to 80 pounds) on a highly frequent basis and assuming awkward positions. This position includes exposure to significant levels of heat and moisture.


This is a full-time internship. We are looking for a candidate that can start work in April and work throughout the summer (until late August). Applicant must be able to work any day of the week, with 2 consecutive days off. Work times are from 7 AM until 4 PM. May be required to stay past 4 PM on occasion to assist with vet treatments.

To Apply: send resume by March 1, 2014 to Human Resources, *No phone calls*