Livestock Delivery Manager

Organization: Living Color Aquarium Maintenance and Supply (AZA Member)
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Country
Job or Internship: Job

Executes all aspects of the livestock department procedures and protocols including, but not limited to the care and maintenance of fish, invertebrate, and aquatic amphibian systems, as well as quarantine and holding facilities. Supervises junior staff in the capture, transport, delivery, and introduction of new specimens to various retail locations. Assists management with both administrative and supervisory duties including the monitoring of water quality, life support, stocking levels and needs, aesthetics, and maintenance for all retail locations. Responsible for carrying out assigned duties in order to deliver healthy specimens safely to designated retail stores.


•Bachelor’s degree in marine science field or equivalent experience working with fish quarantine and life support systems.

•Minimum of 2 years experience in keeping ornamental fish

•In depth knowledge of ornamental fish husbandry and disease recognition and treatment.

•Experience in multiple forms of life support maintenance and operation.

•Must be willing to work flexible hours including holidays and weekends

•Valid Florida drivers license or the ability to obtain one within 14 days.

•Clean Driving Record.

•Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

•Must be able to pass a mandatory pre-employment drug screening.

•Ability to lift 50lbs on a regular basis.

Essential Functions:

•Identifies livestock needs with the Store Manager and communicates those needs to the Quarantine Livestock Manager (QLM).

•Works with the Store Manger at each retail location to ensure consistent water quality between retail stores and Livestock facility.

•Works with Livestock facility staff to identify, pack, and deliver livestock to all retail stores.

•Works with Store Managers to identify, diagnose, and treat disease and illness at all retail stores.

•Works with Store Managers to identify husbandry needs for livestock at stores to include exhibit décor, habitat, and feeding.

•Assists less experienced staff members with all aspects of husbandry duties

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required to Perform Work:

•Ability to speak, read, and write English and be able to clearly communicate with other team members and the public

•Physical ability to lift heavy objects up to 60 lbs. and fit into tight spaces

•Understand and follow proper sterile procedures

•Familiarity with the biology of a wide range of animals, their specific requirements, and their compatibility with other animals

•Understanding of water chemistry and how it relates to aquariums, including the nitrogen cycle, denitrification, ideal water quality parameters and how to maintain them, and the control of undesirable elements

•Familiarity with many types of filtration including several different methods of biological, mechanical, and chemical

•Knowledge of advanced quarantine procedures

•Ability to properly transport, acclimate, and introduce animals to a new system

•Possess familiarity with advanced methods of animal disease diagnosis and treatments, drug sensitivities, adverse reactions of combining medications, and necropsy techniques

•Good knowledge of different lighting types necessary for keeping fish, invertebrates, and reptiles

•Be familiar with taxonomy and scientific names of the fish, invertebrates, and reptiles within our facility


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Aquarium Husbandry Manager

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