Zoo Keeper/ Vet Technician- Full-time

Organization: Zoo Boise (AZA Member)
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
Job or Internship: Job

This is a 80/20 Split position.

Ensures animal health and safety by making regular observations and inspections of cages, facilities, and animal behavior. Creates and maintains records such as animal descriptions, sex, diet, and behavioral characteristics. Investigates cases of unusual animal behavior, and reports behavior to veterinarian. Prepares food for animals with regards to species, natural eating behavior and foods, special diets or circumstances, and recommended frequency. Performs cleaning duties in and around cages, zoo grounds, and as directed. Develops and maintains proficiency on remote delivery (dart) system. Serves on emergency immobilization team and maintains readiness for animal emergencies. Drives van, truck, or mule to carry out responsibilities. (50%)

Creates and provides enrichment opportunities for animals such as scent manipulation, puzzle feeders, altering design and layout of cages, and related items to engage animals, as well as to prevent irritation and stress. (10%)

Conducts various presentations, tours, and classes for groups, individuals, and related public events. Creates educational activities for schools and classes. Interacts with the general public and answers questions regarding animals, zoo activities, and upcoming events. Trains animals to exhibit specific behaviors. (10%)

Sets up for and cleans up after animal procedures by preparing hospital or animal area with necessary pharmaceuticals including anesthetics, vaccines and antibiotics, and equipment. Prepares instruments for surgery. Assists veterinarian with medical, surgical and preventive veterinary care including emergency care for ill and injured animals, injections, and animal restraint. Administers treatment as directed. Assists with routine laboratory diagnostic tests. Performs dental exams and teeth cleaning. (10%)

Provides care for animals assigned to clinic and nursery including feeding, cleaning, and observing health status. Assists with neonatal care and hand rearing as necessary. Administers medication as directed. Provides safe and effective restraint and handling of hospital patients. Performs venipuncture, anesthetic induction and monitoring, injections, weighing, placement of intravenous catheters, fluid therapy, and radiography. Monitors animals under anesthesia and in intensive care. Observes animals and provides accurate reports and veterinary technical services. Prepares routine and special reports concerning the animal's physical and behavioral health. Assists in maintenance of medical pharmacy, including ordering medical supplies and non-narcotic drugs. Maintains, cleans, and restocks necropsy suite. Assists with post-mortem exams and tissue collection, preservation, and submission. (10%)

Maintains hospital including cleaning, disinfection, restocking of materials, and sterilization of instruments and equipment. Maintains work space tidiness, upkeep of procedure kits and emergency boxes. Performs collection, processing and preparation for shipment, and evaluation of clinical laboratory samples, including blood, fecal, and urine samples. Provides accurate and timely reports. (10%)

Required Knowledge, Experience, And Training

Must have graduated from a veterinary technology program accredited or approved by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA) of the American Veterinary Medical Association or equivalent program and be a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) in the State of Idaho or eligible to obtain certification within 6 months of hire.

Two years of experience as a veterinary technician and experience with appropriate capture and restraint techniques.

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology, proper handling/capture techniques, and husbandry of a wide range of exotic animal species; habits and hazards of working with wild animals; proper safety precautions.

Ability to build and maintain large cages that can safely and efficiently house small to large animals; make exhibit repairs while ensuring safety of coworkers and general public; operate hand and power tools; properly feed, care for, and handle a wide variety of animals; make presentations to a variety of groups; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; adapt to frequently changing conditions; handle potentially dangerous animals; utilize guns and related emergency equipment in the event of an escaped animal; display an attitude of cooperation and work harmoniously with all levels of City employees, the general public and other organizations; communicate effectively in the English language at a level necessary for efficient job performance; complete assignments in a timely fashion; understand and comply with all rules, policies and regulations; maintain prompt and regular attendance; perform all essential and marginal functions as assigned by an authorized employee, supervisor and/or manager with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Individuals must be capable of operating vehicles safely and have an acceptable driving record.

Preferred Knowledge, Experience, And Training

Three years of experience working with small to large non-domestic animals in a zoo facility or farm setting, one year of advanced training with exotic animals or wildlife species. Extensive experience building animal containment areas

Bachelors degree in a related field.

Licensing And Other Requirements

Valid Idaho driver�s license

Veterinary Technician certification/license

To Apply: Please visit http://agency.governmentjobs.com/boiseid/default.cfm

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