Curator - Life Sciences

Organization: Golden Nugget
Location: Las Vegas, NV, us
Job or Internship: Job

Golden Nugget Casino, located in downtown Las Vegas, houses a 200,000 gallon  shark tank in the center of our  hotel’s swimming pool, as well as a 75,000 gallon tropical marine  exhibit in the center of one of our restaurants.  We are currently seeking a Curator to manage the Life Sciences team and the animal collection.  


Manage the animal collection; including over-all husbandry, animal exhibits, life support systems, and associated programs.  Responsible for all animal acquisitions, supervising Life  Sciences staff, managing policies and procedures within Department.



  • High School diploma or equivalent. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Zoology, Animal Science, or related field with relevant course work (related work experience may be substituted). 
  • Minimum of five years zoological experience with fish and sharks.
  • A minimum of three years supervisory experience. 
  • Complete knowledge of all phases of animal husbandry programs, systems design, physical life support operations, and exhibit design and display techniques. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of zoology and biology. 
  • Advanced level of S.C.U.B.A. diving training and must be able to dive on a daily basis. 
  • Current member of professional organizations (AZA preferred).
  • Proficient in a variety of computer software applications. 
  • Must represent Golden Nugget in a professional manner with all guests.  


  • Divemaster license from nationally recognized S.C.U.B.A. agency.
  • Previous experience as facility Dive Safety Officer.
  • Certified to repair and maintain dive equipment.
  • AALSO life support operator accreditation.
  • Proven knowledge in identification and treatment of fish diseases, necropsy, and diagnosis.
  • Experience with public dive programs.
  • Minimum of 100 logged dives.


Subject to possibility of bites and stings.  Work and swim in fresh and/or saltwater, both man-made and natural.  Walking and working within a wet environment.  Outdoor work on occasion, under variety of conditions: cold weather, hot weather, rain, mud, ocean environments, and dry land.  Must be available to work hours outside of scheduled hours for emergency and non-emergency situations.  On call 24 hours a day.



Professional Animal Care

·         Manage and schedule the daily activities within the Life Sciences Department.

·         Plan and direct acquisition, display, care and breeding of the animal collection.

·         Identify animal health problems and coordinate care and treatment with veterinarian.

·         Oversee all animal necropsies.

·         Manage and coordinate collecting trips as needed.

·         Be knowledgeable in the life histories of animals in the collection.


·         Attend development and planning meetings including staff meetings and problem-solving meetings.

·         Write reports and memos and serve as liaison to other departments on husbandry matters.

·         Perform public relations functions associated with the department.

·         At the direction of the Life Sciences Manager, serve as Aquarium representative to professional agencies, institutions and various committees including: aquarium operations, exhibits, research, and staff safety.

·         Publish and/or present technical and general papers as requested.

·         Attend professional meetings and conferences as requested.

·         Communicate regularly with professional colleagues at other institutions.

·         Keep the Life Sciences Manager informed of department operations and problems.

·         Promote good relations with visitors, volunteers, community and staff.

·         Ability to cooperate with other department managers to maintain exhibits and collection in a manner stimulating to the guests.


Supervision of Personnel

·         Encourage an atmosphere of professionalism among the staff.

·         Work to ensure staff “ownership” of exhibits.

·         Hire, train, and supervise Biologist personnel.

·         Oversee staff schedules and department projects and monitor work.

·         Prepare and conduct employee performance evaluations for departmental staff.

Facility Maintenance

·         Constantly improve animal exhibits.

·         Coordinate with facility support departments for the maintenance and operations of life support systems.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager and LSS Manager to determine performance parameters of life support systems.

·          Work with Life Sciences Manager and LSS manager to develop policies and procedures for all aspects of water quality and management of exhibits water systems.

·         Must have strong working knowledge in and experience with Life Support Systems.

Department Management

·         Work closely with Veterinarian to ensure the best possible health and well being of the animal collection.

·         Monitor records on water quality, and be proactive in amending problems.

·         Monitor animal related records input and maintenance.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to determine needs and make acquisition of all fishes and invertebrates for the collection.

·         Conduct and supervise research projects.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to plan and implement new exhibits.

·         Coordinate purchases of food, supplies, and equipment and maintain inventories.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to plan and implement long and short term goals for area.

·         Maintain knowledge of industry innovations and new techniques.

·         Acquire and dispose of collection specimens in accordance with the Acquisition/Disposition Policy.

·         Coordinate International, Federal, State and Local permitting processes for specimen acquisition/disposition and oversee all related permit requirements.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to implement capital projects within the sections.

·         Serve on the Dive Safety Board (if applicable).

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to develop and review plans for graphics, technical works and publications.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to develop and administer Life Sciences and Exhibit Operations Department budgets.

·         Recruit and oversee training of LSS staff.

·         Provide advice and recommendations on technical and design aspects of long range development that incorporates animal life.

·         Oversee all aspects of safety within the department.

·         Work with Life Sciences Manager to review, develop and enforce department policies and procedures  

Physical/Mental Requirements:

  • Report to work location by scheduled time.
  • Maintain clean, professional appearance.
  • Be organized and self-motivated.
  • Occasionally heavy lifting of 50 # or more
  • Constantly required to swim, sit, walk, talk, hear, taste, and smell.
  • Constantly must use arms/hands/fingers to reach/handle/feel in work environment.
  • Constantly walking in a wet environment on uneven surfaces.
  • Constantly using stairs and climbing ladders
  • Constant visual acuity required.  Includes close, distance, color, peripheral, depth perception and ability to focus.
  • Frequently required to climb, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, balance, and to perform repetitive behaviors.
  • Must be comfortable and able to SCUBA dive and swim with animals constantly.
  • Must be able to pass SCUBA diving evaluations.
  • Must be observant. 
  • Must work with other employees in a polite, patient manner.  
  • Must be willing to participate in public interaction and education.
  • Must be self-motivated, organized and able to follow projects through to completion.
  • Must be capable of dealing with and handling emergencies in a calm, professional manner. 

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