Biologist – Reptiles & Aquatics

Organization: Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Location: Miami, FL, us
Job or Internship: Job


SUMMARY:    The Biologist is responsible for providing animal care, monitoring animal health, keeping accurate records, maintaining cleanliness of animal areas, propagation, interaction with visitors and exhibit modification and design. This position will be responsible for coordinating all animal health issues with the contract veterinarian, quarantine procedures and caring for the collection, as well as assisting in the medical care and procedures in the Veterinary Hospital.  She/he works collaboratively throughout the Museum in a creative environment and contributes to the efficient operation of the department.  This position works a schedule set by the supervisor and may encompass non-traditional days and hours and may be asked to report to work for animal care emergencies.


·         Knowledge of fish, birds,  reptiles, amphibians and invertebrate’s captive and natural history to determine correct environment and diet for maintenance, breeding and/or exhibition.

·         Performs primary husbandry duties for the Reptiles and Amphibian collection.

·         Performs primary husbandry duties for the marine animal collection.

·         Maintains exhibits and habitats of living collection.

·         Trains volunteers and new staff members utilizing protocols and manuals

·         Participates in Museum special events.

·         Interacts with Museum guests by providing accurate and current information about the living collection through quality customer service.

·         Conducts educational presentations and Wildlife Center tours.

·         Assists with securing & monitoring inventory of animal feed & husbandry supplies.

·         Performs accurate record keeping per AZA guidelines.

·         Organizes animal enrichment events.

·         Assists with enclosure and exhibits improvements, by designing and implementing habitat enhancements.

·         Develop, operates and maintains life support equipment.

·         Implements improvements in exhibits and/or procedures.

·         Develops and Implements animal feeding and medical charts

·         Coordinates training of staff on protocols in high level cage entries

·         Coordinates with the veterinarian to develop and implement treatment programs.

·         Maintains live feed colonies as assigned if needed.

·         Observes animal behavior such as inter and intra species aggression, interference with reproduction, feeding, habitat use, etc.

·         Responsible for monitoring diets, behavior, and weights of animals

·         Coordinates staff in the capture, restraint, and veterinary procedures of animals within collection

·         Performs other wildlife keeper duties, including raptor handling and care.

·         Participates and/or assists in raptor rescue and pickup.

·         Performs other job-related duties as requested.


  • Biological Sciences degree and two years paid related experience
  • Must have a Venomous reptile permit or the ability to obtain one.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish required.
  • SCUBA certification a plus.


  • Skill in organizing resources and maintaining priorities
  • Skill in database management
  • Venomous Reptile handling experience over 1,000 hours
  • Ability to obtain a Venomous Reptile Permit
  • Knowledge of veterinary procedures, life support systems, animal collection techniques and animal husbandry skills to AZA guideline levels
  • Knowledge of environmental needs of captive raptors, reptiles, fish, amphibians & arachnids.
  • Knowledge in the natural history of raptors, reptiles, fish, amphibians & arachnids.
  • Ability to perform wildlife educational programs.
  • Ability to work collaboratively to implement short- and long-range goals
  • Ability to create, composes, and edits written materials.
  • Must have valid Florida driver’s license or ability to obtain one as well as access to a vehicle.
  • Ability to manage and impart information to a range of clientele, staff members and/or media sources.
  • Knowledge of and ability to comply with AZA policies and regulations
  • Ability to follow laws and regulations relating to the care and maintenance of wildlife in accordance with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.  


  • Work is primarily in an outdoor environment
  • Seasonal weather hardships
  • Medium to hard physical effort
  •    Some exposure to physical risk  


Candidates interested in the position should forward a cover letter and resume to Daniel Delgado at An online application is available by visiting our website and clicking on the “Join & Support” tab.