Education Coordinator - Evaluation & Resources

Organization: San Antonio Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Nature of Work:

The Education Coordinator – Guest Encounters works with the Education Curator –Guest Encounters to evaluate different aspects of educational opportunities throughout the zoo and the education department including graphics. This position also maintains the Zoo’s library and is responsible for ensuring that information pertaining to the Zoo’s living collections, exhibits and conservation programs is cataloged and organized to provide maximum impact. The Education Coordinator will also assist in planning and executing guest encounter opportunities throughout the Zoo.

Essential Duties:

• Establish and maintain positive, cooperative, and effective working relations with fellow employees.

• Constantly exhibit a guest service attitude, a smile, and an obvious interest in guest comfort and service.

• Communicate with the public in a courteous and tactful manner and assist guests with questions and directions to various areas of the Zoo. Address the guest - do not wait to be asked.

• Remove trash and debris from public areas; i.e. pick up litter whenever you see it.

• Evaluate the impact of the Zoo’s educational programs and guest encounters opportunities with the ultimate goal to evaluate change in behavior. Work with appropriate departments on modifications to better accomplish behavior change goals.

• Assist Education Department in understanding our audience, why they come to visit the San Antonio Zoo and choose to participate in our programs, and assisting in promotional pieces dealing with new and existing audiences.

• Evaluate the effectiveness on how the department is attempting to reach new audiences.

• Support the Zoo’s mission of conservation by researching, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to ensure that information on the Zoo’s living collections, exhibits, conservation projects and other relevant topics is captured, cataloged and maintained in the manner best suited to enhance educational impact throughout the Zoo. This multimedia plan should encompass needs assessment, instrument development and evaluation.

• Maintain an organized and efficient research library best suited to meet the needs of Zoo staff and volunteers.

• Collaborate with Zoo staff to insure accurate dissemination of information as well as maximum use of the Zoo’s resources to support conservation education.

• Collaborate with the education staff to coordinate acquisition or creation of educational supportive resources.

• Assist the Guest Encounters department in implementing existing and new guest encounter opportunities.

• Provide positive leadership and support for volunteers, the Education Department and others within the Zoo.

• Any and all other duties as assigned.


• Ability to work weekends, holidays and occasional after-hour assignments.

• Strong commitment to conservation.

• Bachelor’s degree in biology, environmental education, or related field preferred.

• Experience or specialization in evaluation and interpretation preferred.

• Three years professional experience in related field.

• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing

• Ability to work safely in various environments

• Strong organizational skills and ability to coordinate multiple evaluation projects.

• Ability to gather, analyze and report on data gathered in numerous evaluations.

• Willingness to learn new skills.

• Proven team player with strong leadership skills, positive outlook and ability to work effectively and diplomatically with diverse groups of people.

• Prefer strong experience evaluating exhibits, graphics and educational tools.

• Knowledge of and ability to follow proper safety procedures.

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