Studbook Analyst

Organization: Lincoln Park Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Chicago, IL, Country
Job or Internship: Job


Analyze single species “studbook” databases for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Population Management Center (PMC); work with studbook keepers to prepare clean studbook and analytical databases; conduct preliminary analyses in support of AZA Population Management Center (PMC) population biologists; do administrative tasks in support of PMC business (schedule projects and meetings, assist with meetings and center management, edit and distribute reports, enter data, take notes, etc.).


• Serve as primary contact for scheduling of PMC advising and distribution of reports for AZA Animal Programs;

• Provide AZA studbook keepers with comprehensive data validation, pedigree assessment, and preliminary evaluation of their zoo animal population databases prior to their developing a species management plan with the PMC (using SPARKS/PopLink software);

• Work with studbook keepers and PMC population biologists to correct errors and inconsistencies, develop assumptions for missing data, define the managed population; ensure that requisite materials are complete and ready for analyses prior to planning meetings;

• Work with species coordinators and PMC population biologists to define the managed population and ensure that requisite materials are complete and ready for analyses prior to planning meetings;

• Schedule, prioritize, organize, document, and facilitate PMC meetings and interactions with AZA Species Coordinators;

• Assist Program Leaders and/or PMC population biologists in utilizing PMCTrack software during the planning process, including troubleshooting, creating and using surveys, accessing reports, and other assistance as needed.

• Develop written documentation of data management issues, PMC protocols, and update existing studbook guidelines and software manuals on a regular basis;

• Assist with preparation of meeting minutes and reports, including distribution and archiving of draft and final reports and maintaining databases with current report data;

• Create summary reports for the PMC, AZA board and committees, and Lincoln Park Zoo;

• Coordinate scheduling of flights, hotels, and other travel needs;

• Teach 1 – 2 times a year at AZA professional schools, and

• Participate in research projects associated with PMC activities.


• Attend AZA national conference, AZA professional schools, and other meetings to communicate with studbook keepers and participate in discussions of data quality and software/data interactions;

• As instructed by the Vice President of Conservation Programs, and dependent on background and capabilities, participate in research and/or projects in population biology, data management, or other aspects of cooperative breeding programs; participate in the department’s team approach to ongoing population biology research and/or data management projects; and

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of the Population Management Center.


• Successful candidates must have strong computer, organizational, and communication skills (written and spoken);

• Ability to organize tasks and prioritize to ensure timely completion of all projects.

• Ability to interact courteously and respectfully with supervisors, fellow employees, volunteers, zoo visitors, general public, and colleagues at other institutions

• Must be able to work at computer for 6-7 hours per day

• Ability to represent the Zoo and the project professionally at external meetings

• Willingness to participate in the department’s team approach to conservation research projects.

• Commitment to wildlife conservation through management of wild and zoo populations;


• Bachelor’s Degree is essential; knowledge of basic zoology or biology preferred.


• Experience with zoo based population management programs is desirable.

• Experience in a research setting, as a research or project assistant is desirable.

• Preference will be given to candidates with proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint and knowledge of population management software (SPARKS, PopLink, PM2000, MateRx, SPARK-plug, GENES, ZooRisk, PMx, PMCTrack) and zoo conservation programs.


• Must be available to work meetings which may occur outside of regular work schedule as assigned (up to 10 weekends per year).

Please apply online at Please complete the online application and include your resume and college transcripts.