Avian Internship

Organization: Zoo Miami (AZA Member)
Location: Miami, Florida, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

The Bird Department of Zoo Miami’s Amazon and Beyond exhibit has current openings for interns who would like to gain experience in the zookeeping field.

Ideal candidates should possess the following qualities:

• Candidate must be a high school graduate pursuing a degree at an accredited institution or a career in zoo keeping or a related field.

• Candidate should be in good physical condition, able to lift 50 lbs. without injury.

• Candidates must present proof of a negative TB reading no more than 6 months prior to their prospective start date. Proof should be presented at the time of the interview, unless otherwise arranged.

• Candidates should be able to dedicate a minimum of 12 weeks to the internship working a minimum of 20 hours per week.

• Candidates must submit to and pass a background check and finger printing as required by Miami Dade County.

The requirements and specifications of the internship are as follows:

• Unfortunately, this internship is unpaid and we are unable to provide housing.

• Although the staff is willing to work with the interns to meet any specific requirements necessary to gain course credit at their particular institution, the acceptance of this internship does not guarantee course credit will be earned. Any course credit opportunity may be set up by the intern with the assistance of the intern coordinators.

• Although this internship will better equip interns for a job in the zookeeping field, this internship does not guarantee employment with Zoo Miami or Miami-Dade County.

• This internship is being offered by the Amazon and Beyond Bird Department. Although this department is responsible for the care of a few species of small South American mammals and reptiles, the majority of the interns’ daily responsibilities will revolve around the department’s avian collection.

• Intern job duties will involve diet preparation and dispersion, exhibit maintenance, record keeping, animal observations, and public interaction.

• The intern and keeper staff will work together to create an educational project that the intern will complete throughout the course of their internship.

• Interns will be interacting with the public on a daily basis. For that reason, we ask that interns come to work with a good attitude and a willingness to share the knowledge they have gained about the animals in their care.

• Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of working with exotic animals, interns will need to be able to carefully follow the directions given to them by their supervising keeper staff. To maintain the safety of the animals, staff, and most importantly, the interns themselves, we reserve the right to end the internship at any time should the intern’s behavior merit such an action.

For those interested in this internship, a resume and cover letter should be submitted to lindenj@miamidade.gov or mailed to the following address no later than 22 August 2013.

Julie Lindenmayer

Zoo Miami

12400 SW 152nd ST

Miami, FL 33177

305-251-0400 ext. 84961