Keeper II - Birds

Organization: Louisville Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Louisville, KY, us
Job or Internship: Job

Description: The Louisville Zoo is seeking a full-time Keeper II for Birds.  The Bird department is very active in AZA programs and manages the beautiful fruit dove, white-throated ground dove, Nicobar pigeon, and Madagascar teal captive populations.  The Keeper is responsible for providing experienced care to this diverse collection of more than 400 specimens.  Birds are displayed zoo-wide in indoor climate-controlled and outdoor exhibit settings.  The successful candidate will be trained in all routines and assigned a role based upon bird husbandry experience, observation skills, communication skills, ability to work independently and ability to interact in a positive manner with a diverse visitor audience.  The schedule for the various routines will require the Keeper to begin work early in the morning, at times work in the evenings and typically work weekends and holidays.  The care of the Zoo’s many birds displayed outdoors will require the Keeper to work in inclement weather. 

ADDITIONAL DUTIES:  Prepares and serves food and water to animals.  Reports births, deaths, injuries and irregular behavior of animals to the supervisor.  Operates a vehicle or equipment to transport birds, or to pick up and deliver supplies and materials.  Cleans exotic animals’ living areas.  Reports misbehavior of guests to supervisor.  Works in confined spaces depending on assigned area.  Assists veterinarian with sick or injured animals.  Participates in hand rearing of animals.  Transfers exotic animals from one cage to another.  Answers patrons’ questions about the Zoo and the animal collections.  Conducts minor repairs and improvements of exhibits.  

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENT AND WORKING CONDITIONS:  Meets regular and punctual attendance standards and any special needs of the position as determined by management, including mandatory overtime and performing related work.  Lifts and carries items weighing up to 50 pounds, over 50 pounds in a team setting.  Sufficient mobility, vision, speech and hearing are needed to ensure a safe work environment.  Works in the elements of the weather.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Two years of college with 12 semester hours of Agriculture, Biology and/or Zoology.  One year of documented experience (2,080 hours) working directly with non-domesticated/exotic animals in an institutional setting (i.e., Zoological Park, Aquarium, Wildlife Park, Pet Shop or Veterinary Clinic).  OR High school diploma or the equivalent and three years of documented experience (6,240 hours) working directly with non-domesticated/exotic animals in an institutional setting (i.e., Zoological Park,  Aquarium, Wildlife Park, Pet Shop or Veterinary Clinic).  Must participate in an employee preventive health care program.  Must participate in an operant conditioning program.  Must work a varied schedule.  Must participate in public education demonstrations and educational programs.  Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.  This position comes with a full benefit package.  EEO  

If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply at and follow the on-line instructions.  Your application must be received by the closing date of Friday, August 16, 2013.  No applications will be considered after the closing date.